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Nancy Lee Badger Interviews Author Jennae Vale

Nancy- Author Jennae Vale dropped by to share intimate details about her life. Her  book, A Thistle Beyond Time  is Book 2 of The Thistle and Hive Series. It is a Time Travel Romance and was released on March 28, 2015. Please tell my readers a little bit about your book.

Jennae- This is the story of Jenna Sinclair and Cormac MacBayne.  Jenna lives in 21st century San Francisco and Cormac lives in 16th century Scotland.  With the help of a meddlesome, matchmaking witch, Cormac, who is seeking a wife, finds himself travelling through time to present day San Francisco where he meets and hopes to woo, Jenna.  She thinks he’s lost his mind and doesn’t believe his crazy story about being sent from the past by a witch.  But still there’s something about him that she finds irresistible.  Cormac’s plan to bring her back home with him is jeopardized by Jenna’s disbelief, her mistrust of men and her general prickly attitude. It’s obvious these two are meant to be together, but there are many obstacles to overcome and there are no guarantees

Nancy- Describe the genre of this particular title, and is the only genre you write in?  

Jennae- The story of Jenna and Cormac is a time travel romance.  This is currently the only genre that I write in and that’s because I am having so much fun with it.  Time travel is one of those things that I’d love to do.  I’d love the opportunity to travel back in time and see a firsthand account of how people lived in the past.  In school, history was my favorite subject and I would find myself daydreaming about being a part of whatever time period we were studying.

Nancy- What is your writing routine like?

Jennae- My writing routine is anything but routine.  I tend to like to get any other errands or work that need tending done in the morning.  Then in the afternoon, after I’ve walked my dog and listened to my characters, I will sit down and write.  I might write pages and pages, or I might find that I need to do some research before I get started.  I am part pantser and part plotter.  I start off plotting and before I know it I’m flying by the seat of my pants.  If I get stuck, I will go back to plotting and fluctuate back and forth until I’m done.

Nancy- What sort of promo do you do? Do you have help?

Jennae- I do all my own promo work.  Lots of social media – Facebook and Twitter are my favorites.  I’ll usually do a blog tour.  I like to interact with my readers.  I find that’s the absolute best promotional work I can do.

Nancy- Having achieved your goal to be a published author, what is the most rewarding thing?  

Jennae- The most rewarding thing about having self-published is that I actually did it.  I actually wrote an entire book and I put it out there for others to read and they seem to like it.  I really thought I might sell about 35 or 40 books to friends and relatives, so I was totally taken by surprise when I exceeded that number and people kept buying my book.  I am so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to do this and I hope to continue writing more and more books every year.  

Nancy- Are you a member of any writing organizations and, if so, have they helped

Jennae- I am a member of RWA, my local chapter – SVRWA, and online with CHRWA.  I have found it to be extremely helpful.  The other authors in the group have been so generous with their time and their advice.  It has meant so much to me.  Authors tend to be solitary creatures, spending lots of time alone writing, so any opportunity that arises to get out and meet with other people making the same journey is a true blessing.

Please Share three fun facts about you that most people don’t know.
1)I am a fabricholic.  I have a stash of fabrics that takes up an entire room.  I love to use it in quilts whenever I have the opportunity.
2)I am an amateur genealogist, searching out my own and my husband’s family history.
3)I love animals and have a dog, two cats, a horse and 4 chickens. I have a particular affection for birds, especially birds of prey.

Nancy- What’s next for you?

Jennae- I have three more books I’d like to self-publish this year.  Separated By Time - Book 3 of The Thistle & Hive Series, of course. I’m also writing A Thistle & Hive Christmas, and I have another time travel story up my sleeve that is not part of my series – A Highlander At The Albannach. 

BOOK BLURB from A Thistle Beyond Time
Cormac MacBayne wants a wife and the witch, Edna Campbell, has the perfect woman in mind.  The only problem is they’re separated by five hundred years and thousands of miles.

Fresh from a bad marriage, Jenna Sinclair has sworn off men – that is until a handsome highlander comes out of the fog and into her life.  He’s a mystery and possibly part of an elaborate practical joke concocted by her cousin.  Jenna’s had enough deception in her life.  Can she risk everything to be with a man who is so obviously lying to her?

Jenna was running the vacuum cleaner when Dylan returned with Cormac. She didn’t
hear them enter and when she finally did look up, she jumped, clutching her chest.
“You scared me!” Her heart was racing in her chest.
“Sorry, cuz,” Dylan apologized, with a sheepish grin on his face.
Jenna looked around Dylan and an angry scowl lit across her features as she spied
“I thought I told you to take him to a shelter! What didn’t you understand about
that?” She snapped.
“I couldn’t do that to him, Jenna. He’s from another country and he doesn’t know
anyone here. He’s a good guy, really. We just spent the last hour having breakfast and
getting to know each other.”
“Dylan, I know what you’re up to, so you can stop right now.” Letting go of the
vacuum, Jenna crossed her arms over her chest.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Dylan replied.
“I know this is all a practical joke. I don’t know how you pulled it off and I don’t
know where you got this guy from, but I can’t believe you would do that to me. You
know how upset I’ve been lately and when he appeared out of nowhere, well… I thought
he was a serial killer or something.”
“I would never harm ye, lass.” Cormac said, as he peeked around from behind
“I know that now, but at the time I was pretty scared.”
“I apologize to ye. I didnae mean to scare ye.”
“It wasn’t a practical joke, Jenna. This guy, Cormac, is from Scotland and he was
sent here by a witch. That’s the Edna he mentioned. Anyway, he’s not even from this
time. He’s from the sixteenth century. Can you believe it?” Dylan asked excitedly.
“No. I can’t believe it and I don’t. Nice work trying to convince me of something
completely impossible. Have you been taking acting classes lately, Dylan, ‘cause you’re
pretty good. If I didn’t know you better, I might even believe you.”
“It’s true, Jenna. I’m not making it up. Tell her Cormac.”“He’s telling the truth, lass. Edna sent me from the year 1514. She said ye were to be me wife.”
“Now don’t start that again. You both need to give it up. I don’t believe you.There’s no such thing as time travel. Period. The end.”
“Okay. I won’t mention it again, but we’re not lying and time travel is totally
possible, you’ll see,” Dylan insisted.

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Jennae was born and raised a New England girl, just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, where her imagination was always bigger than she was.  Surrounded by an abundance of nostaligic, historical landmarks her love of history and creative writing was formed. Her large, extended Irish and Italian families were not only a great source of support and inspiration, but her home was always filled with laughter, love, lots of good food and amazing story telling. 

After years of wearing many different career caps, Jennae was determined to do something she had always loved and her vivid imagination took over once again as she decided to follow her dream of writing stories that tapped into her love of magical people and places. 

Jennae now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, where they've raised two beautiful and talented children.  Along the way they've gathered a menagerie of pets, including dogs, cats, chickens and horses to make the family complete.  You can contact Jennae:


TWITTER @jealil      BLOG 

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