Thursday, July 31, 2014


“I honor my personality flaws. 
Without them, I’d have 
no personality at all.”
–Margot Black, comedian

I am deep in edits of my second book in my Kilted Athletes Through Time series. 

My Dark Highlander is a spicy Scottish Time Travel romance.

Here is a short excerpt:
   “I’ll miss you too, squirt.” Jake’s arms squeezed her breathtakingly close, then loosened.
   Fighting to quash the prickle of tears, Jenny stepped out of his brawny arms. She kissed his cheek, then cupped his chin and rubbed her thumb over his bottom lip.
   From the corner of her eye, a tall, kilted Highlander marched toward them. Though his windblown hair partially hid his eyes, he aimed his scowl at her.
   “Dear Lord.”
   “What’s wrong?” Jake asked. He must have noticed she was staring past him. He turned.
   The approaching warrior’s dark plaid had a purplish tint, reminding her of New Hampshire lilacs growing near her home. He’d belted the colorful wool low on his waist and draped a section over one shoulder. A brilliant amethyst brooch pinned it in place. A simple black leather sporran hung over his groin, and black boots cupped his thick, muscular calves. The sleeves of his black linen shirt billowed in the breeze.
   “That looks like a pirate’s shirt,” she whispered.
   “Argh,” Jake answered, then laughed.
   She slapped his arm. When she turned back, Gavin was racing toward them. His scowl erupted into a roar, and he pulled a dirk from the short sword’s leather scabbard at his hip.
   Jake grabbed Balfour’s reins, then shoved Jenny behind him. “Stay back!”
   A scream clawed at Jenny’s throat. She attempted to inhale a deep breath, but Gavin’s growl made her stop.
   “Stay out of this, wench.”
   Frozen in mid-breath, all she could do was gawk. How dare he...
   “ ‘Tis between this Sassenach and myself.”
   Jake dropped Balfour’s reins. “I’m not an Englishman, Sinclair. I’m an American. You have no beef with me.”
   “Ye kissed a young, unmarried lass in public, ye fool. Do ye wish to be leg-shackled in the blink of an eye?
Much more to come!
Nancy Lee

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Reads Blog Hop & Giveaway IS OVER

Summer is in full swing and the temperatures are scorching! Time to relax by the sea shore, or in a hammock, or cuddled up with your loved long as you are reading!

To celebrate, I am participating with several authors and bloggers in the Summer Reading Blog Hop. Take a moment to read this short excerpt of my latest book, then scroll down and enter to win prizes!

Book #1, Kilted Athletes through Time

   Izzy patted Balfour’s nose, then fed him another carrot.
   “I remember carrots, and what we shared afterward.” Bull stepped close.
   Pulled backward into his chest, she stifled a surprise yelp. There was no sense upsetting the animals, since he would never hurt her.
Swept past him until her back settled against the wall beside Balfour’s stall, she glanced up at his face. Shaded in shadow, his eyes glittered beneath dark lashes. Heat pumped off his body, and her blood surged through her veins.
   My cheeks must look afire.
   “Are you going to tell me why you kissed Gavin?”
   “What? Oh, dinna’ ye hear about Niall and his men?”
   “Yes. The call to arms roused me from an erotic dream.” He grinned down at her, and she prayed the shadows hid the tears straining to fall. Her heart ached for Gavin, and the possible loss of his brother.
   “Niall might have died in battle. I also released Gavin from our betrothal bond.” Her voice cracked, and a stray tear dampened her cheek. He surprised her once more when he swept his thumb across her damp cheek.
   “Izzy, why are you crying?”
   “I feel the loss, keenly.”
   “Gavin’s love?”
   She slapped his chest. “Nay, ye idiot. I doona’ love Gavin, but I care for his feelings. Much will change, especially if his brother is dead, and his father is not subdued.”
  “So…who do you love?”

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My Lady Highlander
Isobel MacHamish escaped a betrothal in ancient Scotland. She rebuilt her life in present-day New England, yet something-or someone-is missing. Arson, thievery, a stalker, and a handsome caber-tossing athlete turn her world upside down.

Bryce Buchanan saves a pretty woman-twice. Sent back to ancient Scotland-again-he is trapped between the skittish woman, and a man pressuring her into marriage. Battles, swords, a Scottish brownie, and a power-hungry laird make ‘Bull’ want to head home to New England.

To escape her former lover, and his murderous, father, Izzy finds her inner warrior. And, when the handsome athlete shows her what falling in love can bring, she is torn, because keeping her hands to herself, is one battle she will never win. 

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Nancy Lee Badger-Positive Quote of the Week

If you want to be happy for life, 
love what you do.
-Mary Higgins Clark, author
I am very lucky. After many years, working for others, I am now an Indie Author. With 12+ books released, and more on the way, I am truly blessed. I am a writer...everyday is a vacation!

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Slainte! Nancy Lee