Saturday, December 31, 2011


I quick note to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends and relatives around the world.

Love y'all,


Friday, December 23, 2011

A Southern Christmas


While visiting my folks in Florida this month, I snapped this photo of Holiday decorations, Florida style. This home is on Country Club Drive at the Spruce Creek Fly-in, a gated community with its own airport, in Port Orange.

Click on the photo for a closeup of all those BALLS....
Ho, Ho, Ho!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Family Diaries & a 1925 Meteor Sighting

Rediscovering old, musty journals of long-dead family members was a treat. You never know what you will find!
Dec. 8, 1885
Cold & pleasant. H* gone to Hardwick. Wm** don’t know where to go, but goes to the Bend this afternoon pleasant & cold. I iron, cut R*** a shirt, sew some. H comes home.
*H might be her son Harvey by Joseph Bean **Wm is her 2nd husband William Folsom. ***R might be her son Russel.
Lodema Kingsbury Bean Folsom (age 58)
*she remarried after Joseph Abner Bean died fighting in the Civil War

Dec. 8, 1925 South Fairlee, VT
32˚ a. Cloudy, some sun at noon, spit snow p.m.  F.* & R. go to woods with both horses. I wash, mop, and help H. with barn chores, saw. Write to Willard J. Fisher, Harvard College Observatory about meteor.** Write to John C. Badger about our branch of family.
*F is her husband Frank (actually Benjamin Franklin Badger) R is her son Ralph.  **newspaper clipping attached earlier where she wrote to paper about seeing the meteor on Nov. 5
Eva Bean Badger (age 62)

Dec. 8, 1932 Pittsfield, NH
Doctor calls to see Paul. Says he is overtired.
*Paul is my late father-in-law
Lester Bean Badger 

Dec. 8, 1971 Peterboro, NH
Tommey ‘17* 24˚. Sunny. Change my bed & wash. Vac & dust mop all around. L** writes, does dishes & dusts. Cloudy in p.m. After naps L writes & I fold & put away clothes. Address some more cards.
*This is Dorothea Sawyer Badger, their daughter-in-law & it is her birthday. (my late mother-in-law) Her nickname is Tommey Sawyer. **L is his wheelchair-bound wife, Lillian Robinson, my husband’s grandmother.
Lester Bean Badger