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Nancy Lee Badger Interviews Author Elysa Hendricks

Elysa Hendricks stopped by to share some intimate details about her and her new book. 

STAR CRASH is a sexy, sci-fi romance. Please tell my readers a little bit about your book.

ElysaDid you ever wonder what it would be like if we humans weren’t the reigning species on the planet? That thought occurred to me one day while I was at the zoo watching the gorillas and they were watching me back. What did they think about us?  What if we were the ones in the cage? At that point memories of the movie Planet of the Apes and the Twilight Zone episode People Are Alike All Over starring Roddy McDowell washed over me. Combine those with my love of sci-fi and the idea for STAR CRASH was born.

NancyDescribe the genre of this particular title, and is it the only genre you write in?

Elysa- While STAR CRASH falls firmly in the sci-fi romance genre, I also write romances set in the Old West, contemporary romances set small town America, as well as fantasy romances set in an alternate universe.  The storyline and character determine the sub-genre of the romance.

Nancy- When did you start writing toward publication?

Elysa- Christmas Eve 1989 I sat down to write a short, contemporary romance. When my heroine turned out to be a winged, telepathic alien who stows away on a passing space ship, I realized I enjoyed writing about different worlds and times.  

Nancy- Did you have several manuscripts finished before you sold? If so, did you send them out yourself?

Elysa- Fast forward to 1993. I finished the first draft of my first book in three months, then I spent the next three years learning how to write. In that time I also completed two more books, western historical romances. I sold my third completed manuscript in 1999 to Hardshell Word Factory, one of the first digital publishing houses. After that I sold five titles to ImaJinn Books and three titles to Dorchester Publishing. When Dorchester went out of business I took back my rights and reissued STAR CRASH, STAR RAIDERS and THE SWORD AND THE PEN. I also reissued the western historical romance HER WILD TEXAS HEART (originally titled RAWHIDE SURRENDER,) and began my journey into self-publishing. Since 2011 I’ve released an additional nine full length novels and seven short stories.

Nancy- Why have you become a published author?

Elysa- An unsung song is never heard. An unpublished book is never read. I write because the characters in my head and heart need their stories to be told, to be read. In order for that to happen those stories need to be published.  

Nancy-Do you have any rejection stories to share?

Elysa- One line from my very first rejection has become a running joke in my family. Every time we watch a movie or TV show with an unbelievable storyline or plot twist, someone pipes up with the line “too contrived, with too many unlikely events.”

Nancy- Please Share three fun facts about you that most people don’t know.
1) I co-host a community radio show –
2) I’m an Italian who dislikes most Italian food.
3) I think that the best sporting event is – one that’s over.

Nancy- What’s next for you?

Elysa- I’m working on a romance trilogy set on an island off the Gulf coast of Florida about three sisters, as well as several more sci-fi romances.

When Planet of the Apes meets Star Trek what's a girl to do?

After recon pilot Cora Daniels crash lands on an alien planet she finds herself a prisoner of the Flock: a race of birdlike humanoids. Trapped in their zoo she discovers they intend her to mate. To breed. To be part of their human herd.

She's placed in a cage with a man - a powerful, virile man, but not just any man - Alexander. Was he her lost love, who'd disappeared so long ago? Here he was: naked, glistening, a warrior trained by the Flock to fight for their amusement. How could the brilliant man, the tender lover she remember have become this animal born to dominate and destroy? Was he a pawn of the Flock or would their flight to freedom be a long-sought reunion?

"What mad scheme are you planning?"

Alex's tone reminded Cora of all the times he'd asked that question while they were at the academy. Now, as then, she knew he would try to talk her out of doing anything dangerous. He'd always been the cautious one, looking before he leaped and weighing the odds of success before he tried anything. His careful study of the facts would have served him well as a First Contact diplomat. She on the other hand preferred to gamble. Pilots had to be willing to take calculated risks. And now as then, she'd prevail. She had to. Their lives depended on it. In this she couldn't give him a choice. Couldn't let him retain control.

She led him into the chamber and sat with him on the pallet. "We need to get out of here, to escape. You can't be here for them to take you tomorrow."

"I've told you, escape is impossible."

"Us here together is impossible, but it happened. We--I can't . . . I won't stay here. I'd rather die trying to escape than remain an animal in a cage, but . . ." Her voice broke. "I can't leave you behind."

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Elysa Hendricks is 5'6" tall. She has curly hair and brown eyes. She's an author, a wife, a mother and a daughter. Everything else is subject to change without notice.

Elysa enjoys writing stories set in different places, times, and realities. She's
published 14 full-length books, ranging from sweet contemporary to sexy sci-fi, as well as numerous short stories.

While living in north east Illinois she helped found the Windy City, and Futuristic, Fantasy & Paranormal chapters of Romance Writers of America,. She's taught workshops on writing at writer’s conferences and at community colleges.

Recently relocated to sunny Florida she and her husband Vern are volunteer staff at the new Sun City Center community radio station WSCQ-FM 96.3.  You can listen to her Live on Thursday mornings from 9-11am EST at by clicking on the Listen "Live" button at the top of the page.

Because for "real life" her motto is: Boring is good, excitement is vastly overrated, she saves the adventures for the characters in her books.

You can find more information 
about Elysa Hendricks here:

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My Hunted Highlander-Scottish Time Travel & GIVEAWAY

Would you like to win this Scottish Window sticker? First, let me tell you about my latest Scottish time travel romance. My Hunted Highlander takes place in two distinct locations. Can a location be a character in a romance novel? YES! 

The fictitious New England Highland Games are located in the present-day White Mountains of New Hampshire. The mountains in September, the oddly changing weather between this place and the wintry weather of the other locale, give my hero and heroine many problems to overcome, while falling in love.

The North Sea plays a vital part, as my hero starts the book by being rescued by pirates. When he escapes the Scottish pirates' hidden island, and heads to the mainland, the snow begins to fall. Keep warm with My Hunted Highlander!

Here is an excerpt from My Hunted Highlander, a full-length novel available in ebook & print:

   The small craft slipped into the surf. Niall jumped into the boat, and helped Blair climb in. Waves thundered nearby, and the memory of Blair’s crushed skiff made him set the oars into motion. Thrusting them into the turbulent sea, they rode over the waves, until the boat entered calmer water. Keegan unfurled the sail, and Blair worked the rudder.
   “What can I do?” Niall asked, after pulling in the oars, feeling slightly useless.
   “Take over when I tire. Right now, my adrenaline is making my blood race!”
   “Never mind. No time to explain. We have to get away, in case we’re followed.” She turned to her son. “Keegan, hide under that canvas and get some sleep.”
   Keegan nodded, then gazed up at her. “What happened? Why do we no’ take The Black Thistle?”
   She sighed. How much of their problem would she share with the lad? Though small, Keegan was smart. He trusted his mother. Niall did, as well.
   “Raven has mutinied against me. He tried to kill Balfour.”
   “Nay, I canno’ believe that.”
   “He tried to slay yer mother, as well, lad,” Niall added, “so ‘twas time to go.”
   The lad’s eyes widened, and he swallowed hard, but did not say another word. He had not burst into tears, even though they had left behind everything, and everyone, he knew. Once Keegan was safely secured beneath the tented canvas, Niall sat beside Blair, with the rudder between them.
   “He is a brave lad. Just like his mother.”
   She smiled, but the smile did not reach her eyes. “Yes, but he’s a handful. I could not have left without him.”
   “Understandable, Blair.”
   She visibly bristled, then her shoulders sagged. “Right. I am no longer the captain of a Scottish pirate ship. Now, I’m nothing.”
   “Nay, lass. Ye be more than a title. Yer a mother, a lover, and I wish to know more.”
   She smiled sheepishly. When her cheeks darkened beneath the moonlight, she cupped his cheek. “You know more about me, than most men.”

   “Aye, we have shared our bodies, yet I yearn to learn more about the woman.”

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Nancy Lee Badger Interviews Author Alina K Field

Alina K. Field stopped by to share a few intimate details about her life, and to discuss her latest book.

Liliana’s Letter is a Regency novella on pre-order at Amazon with a release date of October 15th. Please tell my readers a little bit about your book.  

Alina- Liliana’s Letter is a prequel to my novel, Bella’s Band. The hero in Bella’s Band had a newlywed uncle, and this is the story of how that widowed uncle found his new baroness. It was great fun to write because the characters are a bit older than the usual Regency misses and lords.

Nancy- Describe the genre of this particular title, and is it the only genre you write in?  

Alina- Liliana’s Letter is my third published Regency story. I have a four-book Regency series in the works, but I also have a bunch of completed contemporary works, including a Valentine’s Day story in my local RWA chapter’s anthology. When my Regency novella Rosalyn’s Ring was published in 2013, I slipped the contemporaries “under the bed”. One of these days I’ll pull them out and finish editing!

Nancy- Do you have any rejection stories to share?

Alina- No, but I had one pretty bad experience pitching a secret baby story to a male editor who was as hostile to the concept as my eighth grade teacher, Sister Cyprian, would have been! Amazingly, he still asked for a full, but since I believe that cordiality and respect in this business should always be a two-way street, I passed.    

Nancy- What is your writing routine like?

Alina- I’m a morning writer and try to push through a first draft as quickly as possible, though it usually takes two to three months. It’s the part I dislike most. I’m not a plotter and those first drafts are really messy. The part I love is the editing.  
Nancy- Are you a member of any writing organizations and, if so, have they helped?

AlinaI belong to four Romance Writers of America chapters, two of them local, East Valley Authors and Orange County Chapter RWA, and two online, Celtic Hearts and the Beau Monde. I’ve learned—and continue to learn—so much from all the members, and being active has given me access to a great network of writers and publishing professionals.

Nancy- Will you share some encouraging words for authors still struggling for that first contract? 

Alina- Keep writing. Keep learning craft. Keep reading. Be kind and professional at all times, whether you’re giving or receiving criticism. All of that will pay off, probably when and how you least expect it. Remember that one door closing doesn’t mean all the doors will stay shut forever. Most of all, remember that you’re the only one who can tell your story—have fun writing it!

Nancy- Please Share three fun facts about you that most people don’t know.

1) I once sang in Carnegie Hall (on the stage, not in the audience!)
2) In college, my only sport was fencing.
3) As an Air Force brat I lived in six different places before I entered first grade.

Nancy- What’s next for you?

Alina- I’m going back to finish the draft of the last book in my four book Regency Series, and then I’m going into editing mode for the series.  

BOOK BLURB from The Matchmaker

Lord Grigsby wants nothing more than to retreat to his study, but a promise to his long-dead sister has forced him back into society to broker the marriage of his nephew to the heiress whose money can save the young man’s earldom. If only the young lady’s starchy hired companion would move out of the way. 

The Matchbreaker

Hired to launch an heiress’s society debut, seemingly straitlaced spinster Liliana Ashford’s future as a professional chaperone depends on the girl’s successful marriage. But Liliana had her own close encounter with a scoundrel years ago, and she won’t let her charge be forced into marriage to the same kind of rogue, no matter how hard the man’s widowed uncle tries to woo Liliana around to the match.

Secrets and a Scandalous Murder

A shadow from Liliana’s past appears bearing an unfortunate letter she wrote long ago, and then the earl is murdered, evoking the scandal of the season. While she scrambles to make a respectable match for her charge before her own past can be exposed, Grigsby sets about finding his nephew’s killer—and Liliana’s secrets. 

Excerpt from Lillian's Letter

   The woman at Grigsby's side was like a lightning rod expecting a bolt to strike, or like a Fury about to deliver one. This close, scent wafted from her, roses and lemon, he'd guess. Tall, straight, and stiff, underneath her self-possession was a temper ready to unleash. He would bet on it.
   Intriguing. He dared to poke her ire. "You clearly don't approve of the match. Do you intend to openly oppose it?"
   Her head whipped around, and she glared. "It's not for me to approve or disapprove. Katie—Miss Mercer—will decide."
   Passion flashed in her eyes, sending an answering spark through him. She was magnificent—though so very mistaken.    "Really? Then her father is more liberal than I expected."
   She looked him over more closely. "What do you know of this matter?"
   I might ask you the same question. Her tone had been stiff, like the crystallized dome covering bubbling lava. He fixed her with his sternest glare, not entirely surprised at her cheek.
   His glower didn't impress her. She lifted her shoulders higher. Stood a little taller, proud, lovely, and filled with indignation.
   Quite righteous indignation. He gave into an unmanly sigh, truly weary of his responsibility for Thomas. "I know a good deal, Miss Ashford. I have been negotiating for these nuptials. The arrangement is my doing as much as Mr. Mercer's. Much more than it is my nephew's. He is probably the least culpable, except for his abominable behavior."
   She clenched her hands tightly. "I see."
   "Thomas's mother was my older sister. I made a promise to her that I would look after him." Her gaze softened, and she bit her lip in a way that made him want to taste the part that she was nipping.
   And where had that thought come from?
   "And your nephew needs money and an heir."
   He nodded. As a woman of the ton, of course she would understand how marriage worked. Marriage wasn’t about love, or the bride’s approval, or a plump lower lip that begged to be kissed.
   "He needs money most of all. He has a younger brother in the army who would make a far more dutiful earl."
   He covered his mouth with his hand. The words had rolled out, shocking him. He rarely spoke this frankly with any woman.
   Very well, he never spoke this frankly with any woman.
   She released a soft breath. "And there is the matter of the ore."
   His mouth gaped and he quickly closed it. Mr. Mercer had shared that information? Well. "That part of the county is rich with newly discovered veins of iron."
   That information brought her up straighter. She looked away, gazing intently at a thick, dark spot of foliage, making him want to pry into that sharp mind.
   "I see,” she said. “I believe we should go back in now."
Not yet. He tucked her hand over his arm but did not move. "I had hoped we were not finished talking. I've learned your Christian name is Liliana, but I don't know anything else about you. I don’t know where you're from or anything about your family."
   He sensed her bristling, and waited for some reaction, perhaps a slap, verbal, or, with a woman of her passion, even a physical one. Strictly speaking, he was importuning her, and damn if he wasn't enjoying the nerves rippling through her.

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Award winning author Alina K. Field earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and German literature, but she found her true interest in reading and writing romance. She shares a midcentury home with her husband and a blue-eyed cat who conned his way in for dinner one day and decided the food was too good to leave.

She is the author of the 2014 Book Buyer’s Best winner in the novella category, Rosalyn’s Ring, and a 2015 RONE Award finalist, Bella’s Band, both Soul Mate Publishing releases.

Visit her here: