Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Goodbye Nora Ephron

Today's newspaper sidebar (something I scan quickly...would rather get back to my writing) stopped me, cold. It simply said "Ephron, writer of 'When Harry Met Sally' dies."

I recognized the name. I recalled the 1989 movie. I read the entire article by Adam Berstein.

I had to read more about Nora, who shared a first name with one of my favorite romance writers. Seems she passed away at 71 after three Oscar nominations and a life spent 'in the movies'.

I did not realize she wrote screenplays for some of my favorite movies. Besides WHMS, there was 'Silkwood', You've Got Mail' (though I always hated the title), and 'Julie & Julia'.

She is called a rare combination of writer, director, and producer and her work will be missed.

Cut! That's a wrap, Nora Ephron


Friday, June 15, 2012

Brainstorming with author Leanne Banks

One of the best things I learned from Leanne Banks about writing, whether its the first book, or your latest, is that it is "okay to write crap."

Leanne spoke at a recent Heart Of Carolina Romance Writers chapter meeting, here in Raleigh, NC, and I was impressed with her openness, ideas, and bubbly personality.

She forced us into small groups to think up conflicts. She said something like, "Think of what a person would rationally do in a situation, and have the character do it differently."

I think she has the right idea. Every story, especially my 'happy ever after' romances, need conflict...something that keeps my hero and shero apart (yeah, she said shero).

Thanks Leanne!

Nancy Lee Badger