Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Interview in the News & Observer

Alex Granados
Reporter for the News & Observer
Raleigh, North Carloina

Last week was another ‘first’ for me…I was interviewed by a reporter with our local paper who wanted to talk to me about my fledgling writing career. Hopes and dreams are coming true for me at the ripe old age of 57, and Alex Granados was kind enough to listen and put on paper what it has taken to get me to this point. Here is a short excerpt from the article…

"My plans right now are to get in print," she said. "And in order to do that I have to come up with the best book." To that end, she has enlisted the help of her family. Her two adult sons, 25 and 29, have both read her work. Badger says they don't feel weird about reading her romantic writing. In fact, her son Eric - the one who served in Iraq - helped her with military details for one of her e-books. Even her mother joins in by being what Badger calls her "best editor." The latest book Badger is working on is the first set in her new hometown. In fact, the book begins at the North Carolina Museum of Art. "A big adage that I believe in is write what you know," she said. "I'm not in New Hampshire anymore, so I like to incorporate the local area."

Please remember that I write under TWO names: Nancy Lee Badger and Nancy Lennea

Read the Raleigh News & Observer article in its entirety at http://www.northraleighnews.com/2010/12/26/5884/granados-local-writer-loves-allure.html

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

UNWRAPPING CHRIS available now!

My contemporary military romance is available now for less than $2 from various download sites!

Here is the Book Blurb:
Sometimes the best memories are worth unwrapping once more.

Army widow Jayne Rockwell searches for a secure future for her and her two daughters. Staff Sergeant Christopher Hawkins regrets leaving young Jayne eight years ago to go off to war. A crash encounter a week before Christmas thrusts these two lonely people back into each other’s lives once more.

Jayne must learn to trust a man who disappeared with her heart. Chris must overcome the guilt of taking her innocence, and then leaving her heartbroken and alone.

A Christmas wedding brings them closer when Jayne spies him as a groomsman in Highland dress, complete with kilt. He cannot keep his eyes off the woman in green velvet wearing a wedding ring. Accusations, explanations, and remorse leads to a love that erupts among candlelight, Christmas carols, and a dark room. Who needs mistletoe?

To read a free excerpt and more, go to:
Whispers Publishing buy link: http://bit.ly/eGmOQI

Amazon for Kindle: http://amzn.to/i68Q3b