Thursday, January 13, 2011


     Today's saying on my desk calendar states "Before criticizing a new employee, remember your first days at work." How can this simple statement affect me? I retired from public service to write romance novels fulltime.

     Let's see. I am vice president of my local Romance Writers of America chapter. I feel a responsiblity to help our newest members. I have four books published in e-book format and I have busied myself by promoting my work on blogs and a newspaper interview. I attend our monthly meetings and eagerly answer members' questions.

     No, they aren't my employees, but this meeting might have been their very first venture into the world of romance writing. I remember how I felt back in December 2007. I had justed moved from New Hampshire to North Carolina and didn't know a soul except family. That first meeting was the annual holiday party held at Liz Carlyle's home.

     LIZ CARLYLE? The NY Times Bestseller? EEK!

     I did my best NOT to act like a fool. My fears were groundless. With fifty or sixty men and women crowded around her kitchen, with platters of potluck goodies and plenty of beverages, I fit right in and was welcomed.

     So, if someone you know is new to the fold-whether the jobsite or club or church-make them feel welcome. PAY IT FORWARD.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The New Year's eve parties are a memory, and the holiday decorations are nearly boxed away. I cannot find a single gingerbread cookie in this house! The cat still plays with a satin gift bow. We experienced an unseasonally heavy snow on Dec. 26th which had us North Carolinians wondering what happenned to global warming?

Lori Keizer-Jenn Harrington-Me!
 Everyone is making and posting New Year's resolutions. I prefer to look back on the year and see how far I've come. I weigh less. That in itself is a miracle. I feel better. I decided to start getting my eyebrows waxed. (Hey...took me 50 years to decide to get my ears pierced!) I survived my first year as Vice President of my local Romance Writers of America chapter. I believe I did a good job. I enjoyed the annual Romance Writers of America conference held in Orlando this past summer.

Richard & his MacBean tartan
 I traveled with my husband and enjoyed watching one son graduate from military training, and the other sons enjoying their first new home together. I gathered research while my husband strutted around two Scottish Highland Games in his kilt.

Health issues for immediate family members gve us a scare or three, the worst being my Dad, Robert Beegle. Multiple visits to Florida ensued as he was in and out of the hospital, but he now looks great. Others are slowly returning to normal, but the threat of permanent illness loomed for awhile. We all lived through it and are closer because of it. Unfortunately, I lost two Aunts and one cousin lost her husband this year. There are others for whom a look back at 2010 is painful.

Rodin bronzes at NCMA
 I relished the feeling of having my first four novels published...two in June, one in September, and one in December. I reached my goal to be a published author and I am looking forward to my next goal. A resolution? Well, I cannot force an agent to represent me. I cannot twist an editor's mind into publishing me. But...I will write the best damn book I can.

I am currently editing my paranormal which starts and ends at the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC. My characters also run to the Blue Ridge Mountains and then the Outer Banks. It is different, quirky, sexy, dark, and uplifting and I hope to sell the series. With my family's encouragement I will succeed in this endeavor.

So, back to writing! Again, since everyone is asking you your resolutions for the New Year, TELL ME and my readers how 2010 changed your life!