Friday, September 30, 2022

Weather is Coming our way


We arrived home last week from an 11 day trip through New England with only two partial days of rain. Now we are in the possible path of Hurricane Ian. Raleigh, NC is ready and we are very happy we had three dead or dying trees removed in the last year. We have family in Florida who did not make it through the storm unfazed. 

All I can do is work on all the photos I took during our trip, keep in contact with family, and get back to a 'normal' existence. Possible? Who knows. while the power flows and the flooding is kept at bay, I will work and think up new stories. Here are a few photos as a hint to next week's blog post.


Friday, September 9, 2022

Where did the Summer Go?

It is still summer here in Raleigh, NC. I can keep the doors and windows open later each day, but we are still seeing temperatures in the mid-eighties. Soon enough we will be complaining of the cold. With floods in some communities and raging fire in others, I take a moment each day to enjoy what I have...a house, a family, and my health.

Schools are back in session. I am looking forward to learning more about the craft of writing at the next in-person meeting with the members of my local Romance Writers of America chapter. Yes, 'seeing' them all on Zoom was okay, but in-person is different.

The group also offers a Zoom link so members who live near the ocean or up in the mountains can join in. North Carolina is a large state and we are the only RWA chapter. Speakers are fantastic and I look forward to each meeting on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Find out more HERE.

In the meantime , I will soon be autographing books at the New Hampshire Highland Games in Lincoln, NH and you can get info and directions HERE

Autumn starts September 22nd so enjoy every minute of summer that you can!

Friday, August 12, 2022


Earlier this year, I agreed to write a story to be included in an ebook antholgy with three other authors. I have done things like this in the past, but this is the first time we are all writing brand new stories with a general theme: Medieval romances set during Yuletide (more contemporarily known as the Christmas holiday season).

My story is set on the shores of Scotland's North Sea and is titled A Gift from the SeaHere is the plot:

Gwyn’s life changes the moment the naked sailor on the beach opens his eyes. Helping him hide from the others and getting him to safety in her barn goes awry when strangers attack. Did they follow Monroe? Leaving her home was the right thing to do, but meeting his wealthy friend proves embarrassing to a farm girl. A chance meeting with a neighbor gives Monroe the wrong idea, and he leaves. When she follows him, we find her begging for Monroe’s life.


A shipwrecked son of a clan chieftain, Monroe hides his full identity from the young lass who saves him from the waves, and her brothers. An attack by seafaring warriors puts all their lives in danger and the resulting deaths place a shadow over the upcoming Christmas Festivities. Leading Gwyn and her family toward his home far from the coast of Scotland’s North Sea could be a mistake, yet be the only way to keep them all alive.

Besides my book, new stories written by 

Aurrora St. James and Allison Butler and Ria Cantrell 

are included

To celebrate the November 1st publication of Yuletide Kisses

I gave away an Autographed Print Copy 

of my most recent book in the Treasure Tales series


which is also set in Scotland

and the winner is...GLENDA M!

Friday, August 5, 2022

August Already?


The dog days of summer are upon us. How can it be August already? The Labor Day Holiday in the United States, celebrated this year on September 5th, is right around the corner. Back-to-school sales fill the stores and a few have been putting up Halloween decorations. Can Christmas be far behind?

Recently author Donna Steele and I held a Christmas in July promotion that was fun and eventful. I love Christmas, but I am not in a hurry for winter. However, launching my new boxed set was the intention and it worked. Find all Buy Links for Clan of Dragons HERE.

Are you an author? Do you have a backlist? Check out my article over at the FF&P Blog titled Turning Backlists to Boxed Sets.

So, during August I head outside each morning, surrounded by nature, and read a book. Once the temperature hits 82F, I have to go back inside, but the morning air is invigorating. I do long for the simple days when we had a Golden Retriever puppy and we lived near the beach. I keep those memories alive. I hope your memories are as well.

In the meantime, READ!

Nancy Lee Badger


Friday, July 8, 2022

Christmas in July

Christmas in July is now over!

Here is a description of what hours of reading will bring you:

Nancy Lee Badger brings you over 800 pages from five books she calls the Clan of Dragon series. A long time ago, off the coast of Scotland’s Isle of Skye, something incredible began. Among lush green forests, flower-filled meadows, and black jagged mountains, dragons live in the shadows. It all starts with Robina, daughter of the fairy king, who meets a huge black winged creature. From their union rose three dragon brothers.

You will meet Evan in SPARK, Wynn in SMOKE, and the oldest brother, Dougal in the book titled SMOLDER. They are searching for mates on an island where other dragons no longer exist. What they find instead through their ability to shift into other forms are miracles that keep you turning the page. The last book, SANDY, brings you the story of a lonely dragon visiting Skye. What he finds are pirates and an irritating woman. 


Author and good friend 
Donna Steele announces the 
release of her new book!

Accounting for Evil 
Book 3 in the Unknown Tasks series 
is now available!

Find out more about 
all of the Books by
Donna Steele

Let it snow!

Friday, July 1, 2022

Time to Celebrate with FIREWORKS and Author Nancy Lee Badger!

Summer is well under way and there is so much to enjoy. One is Independence Day which will be celebrated in the United States of America on Monday July 4th. Since that is a weekday, we will probably hear fireworks all weekend. My family will get together to grill burgers or brats and just enjoy being together.

We need to remember why the holiday came about and we are proud of all our ancestors that fought during the Revolutionary War to make our country free from British rule.

We are mostly of English descent, and mainly a mixture of ethnicity, but the truth is our families have lived in the northern part of the country since the 1600's. Our generation has ended up in Raleigh, North Carolina and we are working to accept our southern lives. 

Because I decided to move near my sisters, who had headed south for various reasons, I retired from 911 in New Hampshire and fill my days writing romance novels. Mom has moved here as well. She edits my books and has taught us to play Mah Jong. My latest book, SANDY, is now part of my Clan of Dragons Boxed set which will be released in one week at a special low price during CHRISTMAS IN JULY. Make a note or watch for its release Friday July 8th.

Pre-order now here: 

Amazon    Amazon UK    Amazon CA   Amazon AU

Friday, June 24, 2022



Have I told you how much I enjoy getting up early, pulling out the lawn chair and bucket of sunflower seeds, and welcoming my neighborhood critters? A carrot brings out two rabbits including the little fellow (above).

I love to read and am currently getting paid to read, but I am also trying to write more stories that keep screaming to be put on paper.

What's next? 

I finished a Scottish historical adventure, set around a medieval Christmas. A GIFT FROM THE SEA will be released November 1st in an Anthology created by a group of authors we are calling YULETIDE KISSES. Yum!

In January 2023, I will release the third (fourth?) book in my Treasure Tales series. The series actually started with LOVE, HAMISH, a novella, then was followed by full-length historical novels THE EARL'S TREASURE and THE DUKE'S DIAMOND

Writing and reading keeps me busy and I hope you are enjoying the weather and 'friends' like I am doing.

Nancy Lee Badger