Friday, June 14, 2024

June Important Dates - to Me

Let us start off with Flag Day, June 14th. American's commemorate this day because in 1777, we adopted the 'stars and stripes' as our brand new country's national flag. Here at our home in Raleigh, North Carolina we fly a flag every day.

June 16th is father's Day which is when fathers are particularly honored by their children. It is a movable holiday, landing on the third Sunday in June.  For an extra special gift in our family, it is also our youngest son's birthday. This is doubly special this year since our son was born on Father's Day a long, long time ago. 

June 19th is Juneteenth National Independence Day and is now a federal holiday that started in 2021 in the United States. It commemorates the ending of slavery in America.  For my husband and I, it has been the anniversary of our wedding for much longer! 

June 20th is the first day of summer, also called the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. This also means it is the shortest night of the year. From that day on, the days get shorter as we head toward fall and winter. 

If any of these dates mean anything special to you, enjoy them and the weather that, for me this week, has seen lovely cool mornings. I can be found sitting in a lawn chair in the front yard. I read and feed the rabbits and chipmunks. I listen to the birds and wave at the neighbors that walk by with their dogs. Afternoons get much too hot, so mornings are the key.

Enjoy the weather wherever you are. Read a book or two. If you need a book, check out my book links HERE and enjoy the summer. 


Friday, May 24, 2024

On Memorial Day, Never Forget!

Sacrifices in war in order to bring peace might seem like a far off notion to many of you, but when it hits home...

My late dad enlisted in the United States Navy during World War 2. He got rheumatic fever that damaged his heart. He died in 2019 as a 100% disabled Veteran.

My late Father-in-Law was a Lt. Colonel for 20+ years in the Air Force, having served in WW2, the Korean Conflict, and worked at SAC (Strategic Air Command). He died bedridden with a bad back, damaged when he jumped from a plane.

My youngest son joined the United States Army while still in high school, before the war in Iraq began. He served 4 years overseas in Germany and Iraq, and another 4+ years in North Carolina in the Army Reserves. He arrived home fairly unaffected, though he has a story about 'burn pits.' 

*Eric is on the left

Doing genealogy, my husband and I can count a long list of patriots back to the Mayflower landing in 1620. We recently traveled around New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey seeking graves and planting flags for our various ancestors who fought to keep their homeland safe. 

Keeping these folks who gave without asking 'What's in it for me?' alive in our hearts and minds is how we never forget.

Enjoy the Memorial Day long weekend, but do not forget.

Nancy Lee Badger

Friday, May 17, 2024

May Flowers bring Hurricanes!


Are you ready for bad weather? Hurricanes are no joke. My elderly aunt was forced out of her water-damaged home in Cape Coral Florida for many months. Thank goodness for insurance. We lost a huge tree during one storm that took out our chain link fence and damaged the neighbor's shed. Getting rid of that and repairing the fence cost over $1500 and was NOT covered by home insurance. 

When the power goes out, we have a propane grill for cooking and bottles of water to assist the toilets. Camp lanterns allow us to catch up on our reading. Make sure you have books to get you through the tough times. 

I write Scottish themed romance, contemporary, paranormal, and more, Many available in Ebook and Print. A few are Audio Books. Check them all out HERE

Be safe, 

Nancy Lee Badger

Friday, May 10, 2024

Celebrate Mothers Everywhere with BOOKS!

I have been blessed with two children so Mother's Day means a lot to me. While they have their own lives and distance keeps us apart most of the time, we are very close. So, I keep writing and working on my stories while reading, reading, and reading. 

Celebrate Mom with a book. Print, or Ebook, or Audio book. Many are available easily HERE so give my books a try such as ... PRINT 

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Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, April 26, 2024

Will You Welcome Beltane 2024?

Beltane is a Celtic word for what most Americans call 'MAY DAY.'  In the Northern hemisphere where I live, it is celebrated April 30 through May 1 2024. 

Most people consider May Day an ancient European festival. I am not sure if anyone in the United States will gather flowers to decorate a May Pole, or crown a May Queen, or dance around an actual May Pole, but it sure looks like fun.

If you would rather sit on your porch and read one of my many books, here are a few...

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Nancy Lee Badger

Friday, April 19, 2024

Read Audio Books for EARTH DAY 2024

Why waste paper when you can listen to my books? This April 22, 2024 is Earth Day. I remember the first one in 1970 (54 years ago!) There was no such thing as books you could read on a phone. Although paper from trees is renewable, try the convenience of listening to my stories.

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Now, I have found distributors of other books such as...

Rescuing Christmas; It might not be the season for it, but the story is one I love and set in Vermont, a state where one of my sons lives. As a former EMT and firefighter, while living in nearby New Hampshire, the story is very dear to me.

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Happy Earth Day, Nancy Lee Badger

Friday, March 1, 2024

I Discovered a Baking Scot... Coinneach MacLeod

I had heard about Coinneach MacLeod, mostly because I automatically 'click' concerning other authors... especially Scottish authors. Imagine my surprise when my son returned from the Ashville (NC) Celtic Festival and presented me with an autographed copy of his book The Hebridean Baker.

I immediately added flags to the pages of recipes I felt I might be able to create. It will take some doing to covert a few things (such as caster sugar, treacle, and bicarbonate of soda) but the author has a page showing conversions. My son bought himself an autographed copy of The Hebridean Baker at Home. Here's to baking with a homespun Scottish flare!

About the author (taken from his book): International bestselling author Coinneach MacLeod was born and raised on the Isle of Lewis, the most northerly of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland ... Sharing his adventures along with his partner Peter and their Westie pup Seores, Coinneach's aim is to bring the best of the Scottish islands to a worldwide audience. You can find him at

My husband has a birthday coming soon so I will choose one or two recipes to try. Giving that we are both of Scottish descent, I am thrilled to read and reread my book while I find time to create more of my own books.

Nancy Lee Badger