Friday, August 11, 2023

Where has the Summer Gone?

We've reached the middle of August and the dog days of summer are howling. I just saw a sign in a store saying they'd be closed on September 4th. Took me a while to figure out why. Labor day is coming! 

What have you accomplished this summer?

Did you travel now that the Covid-19 Pandemic is history?

Are you packing and planning to head back to college?

Are you house shopping? (Good luck- prices and mortgage rates have risen)

Have you finished that fabulous beach read?

My summer ran off the rails that day in May when I fell and broke my wrist and five ribs. Good News! My doctor took a last set of x-rays and said I was healed! My last physical therapy session for my wrist was last Wednesday. 

This fall is looking brighter and better with traveling on my mind!

Friday, July 21, 2023

This Summer Everyone is Hot

 About 7 a.m. each morning, when it is not raining, I grab my lawn chair, side table, coffee, and a book and set up in my front yard. Two old-growth trees shield me from the rising sun. The air is usually in the mid-70s F and I find the near-silence comfortable.

I have neighbors, and many walk by with their dogs. Everyone is respectful of property and usually share a friendly wave. As the morning progresses, others bring out their young children in baby carriages.

Reading is soothing and I am happy that I can finally hold a book without using a lap desk. My broken wrist is nearly healed and can hold the weight of a book or my cell phone. After checking my messages, I get back to reading. 

Tuesday I was met by a chipmunk and a small rabbit. Across from me, and standing in my yard was a doe. This looked like the same one that was recently parading around my neighborhood with three speckle-backed fawns. 

One neighbor wants nothing to do with any wild animals. He has a big garden and... well... animals like to eat. I share carrots and sunflower seeds...but not if he is watching!

The other day I heard the call of a hawk. I was expecting this since they leave their nests around this time and are hungry. Just last year I watched one land on a rabbit, holding him to the ground. I jumped outside and he let go. The rabbit ran, but a second hawk took him. Life and death within 5 miles of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. 

My wrist has started to feel more flexible and I have just started typing with both hands, so I will get back to writing the next book soon. If the weather each morning is perfect, though, I will continue to read while sitting with my 'friends.'

Keep cool and read a book!

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Friday, July 14, 2023

Hot Summer reading with Me


We are in the heat of an incredibly HOT SUMMER so stay inside with a book or sit with your feet in the lake with a book or just take a nap, then get up and READ A BOOK!

My book LOVE, HAMISH is currently FREE wherever you download ebooks. The print version is also quite reasonable. This novella is the first inkling that resulted in my three-book series Treasure Tales.

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Friday, June 30, 2023

Christmas in July Book Sale & GIVEAWAY

Author Donna Steele and I are at it again! In order to survive the 90+ degree temps hitting us in North Carolina, what better way to keep cool than by 'thinking snow.' 

Donna says "It’s time for Christmas in July again. Check out Hearing the Change. The second book in the Changing Heart’s series – The Family You Choose will be out soon!"

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Friday, June 16, 2023



Celebrating the years married
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Friday, June 2, 2023

A Horse as a Character and Free Excerpt


PG Excerpt from THE ROGUE'S RING

Once Bryce had peeled the frozen coat from his body, he headed up the ladder. The blankets were reasonably clean. Heat enveloped him within minutes of having nestled beneath them.

“A short nap is all I need.” His voice echoed amid the rafters. The outside rush of wind and pitter-patter of sleet accentuated the weariness evident in his voice. The cold that had washed over him as he and Ghost rode the trail disappeared. Having only a few blankets for warmth saddened him.

What I’d give for a lass to share my bed…

A dream about Cat and her luscious lips disappeared when he awoke in the dark. No sounds emanated from the roof, meaning the sleet had abated. The darkness concerned him, though. He had overslept, which might be the lingering result of the sleeping draught Cat had given him.

He hated to head out in the dark, but the better weather meant he might get out of the area and closer to Inverness sooner. Climbing down from the loft, Ghost snorted his disapproval at being ignored and alone for so long. Turning his head, he neighed so loud a barn owl flew from the rafters and out a broken window.

“Now, do not be upset. You hated having sleet coat your head as much as I. Here.”

The beast gulped down the fresh water and a handful of oats Bryce offered him.

“We need to go, my friend.”

The farmer appeared before Bryce could lead Ghost from the barn. “Leaving this late, my lord? My wife sent ye some food and wine.”

“My thanks to you and your wife. I overslept, so must be on my way.” He grabbed the sliced loaf of bread stuffed with a hunk of ham and cheese. He ignored the wine. 

“Which way toward Inverness? The road closest to the sea was blocked by downed trees.”

“The main road be that a way, my lord. With the clouds gone, the moon should light yer way, good enough.”

Mounting atop Ghost, he tipped his cap and rode away, eager to leave the area in his wake. As they trotted along and Bryce chewed his food, he thought back to the lass he had loved years earlier. She lived on a similar farm in the same area, and had welcomed him into her heart and into her bed. 



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Friday, May 26, 2023

A New BOOK, A Blog Tour, and a Giveaway. Oh My!


What a difference a week makes. A week ago, I published my 45th book, THE ROGUE'S RING.  That same day, I took a bad fall and broke my wrist and five ribs, all on my left side. (I am writing this with the one-handed hunt & peck method.)

So, I am thankful I am recuperating and that I have family to help me. I am also applauding SILVER DAGGER BLOG TOURS who have continued to get the word out there about my book release.


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...and thanks for all your
good wishes and prayers.
Nancy Lee Badger