Friday, October 22, 2021

Highland Games and a Highland Bull

The New Hampshire Highland Games, presented by, resumed last month and I am glad my husband, son, and I could attend. Taking a year off from driving from Raleigh, NC to Lincoln, NH gave us a breather, but being back was awesome.

We are all long-time volunteers and enjoyed seeing familiar faces as well as 'newbies'...visitors and volunteers that have never attended these games.

The games were smaller with a ton less people because of the state's Covid-19 rules, but the weather was mostly lovely and I had fun.

As I am always on the lookout to promote my profession as a writer of romance novels, I brought print copies of Love, Hamish. Imagine my surprise when my main character (a Highland bull) jumped right of the page!

Never before have Highland cows been a part of these games and I hope they continue in the future. 

Caption: Maggie and June from the Miles Smith Farm
located in Loudon, New Hampshire

Make a note of the date for the 2022 NH Highland Games:

SEPTEMBER 16, 17, and 18

Friday, October 15, 2021

The Earl's Treasure is a Treasure Tale by Nancy Lee Badger

Look what is available in PRINT!

It has been many months since I released The Earl's Treasure as an ebook on Amazon. Soon, it will be available from many sources but the biggest news is that is is


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Friday, October 1, 2021

WINNERS of my Autographed Book Giveaway!


If you receive my infrequent newsletters, you already heard more details about why I give away books. I love all things Scottish, which is why my latest books Love, Hamish, The Earl's Treasure, and The Duke's Diamond take place in Scotland. 

An author wants to share her work with new readers, so I gave away three autographed print copies of my sweet novella Love, Hamish. 

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Enjoy the cooler days of October and watch for spooky nights. My yard has one decoration and a reason I also write other books filled with witches. 

Have a safe and spooky October!

Nancy Lee Badger

Friday, September 24, 2021

Where did the Summer go?

I will miss summer even though a majority of August showed temperatures in the 90s. I never made it to the beach, either. Weekly dips in the indoor pool at the gym were okay, but I miss not living closer to the ocean. 

Saying that, I must remember that a few hurricanes missed us here in Raleigh, North Carolina by inches. I am sorry for the folks that suffered the ravages of storms, floods, and fires and I am thankful every day that my family and relatives are fine. 

Get ready for winter by stocking up on books. My latest book, now available in print, is LOVE, HAMISH. 

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Stay safe!
Nancy Lee Badger

Friday, September 17, 2021

The Return of Scottish Highland Games

The pandemic has canceled so many events, but a few festivals in America are making abbreviated comebacks. Event listings can change on a dime, so it is best to do your own research before planning to attend.

Here are a few that ARE scheduled:

New Hampshire Highland Games will be held on Sept. 17-19 (canceled last year) My sources claim that tickets are sold out and NO tickets will be available at the gate. Make a note to attend in 2022 when, hopefully, the pandemic will bring everything back to normal.

Swamp Fox Highland Games will be held in Florence, SC September 25, 2021

Prescott Arizona Celtic Festival  will be September 25-26 2021

Celticfest Mississippi on the Rez  will be October 23-24 2021

Celtic Classic Highland Games in Bethlehem, PB will be October 24-26

Charleston SC Highland Games will be held November 6 2021

This is a very short list for something so popular in America, but the pandemic is the biggest reason against bringing thousands of people together. So, if you can attend such an event, wear a mask and keep hugs to yourself.

Stay safe!

Nancy Lee Badger


Friday, September 10, 2021


Look what just arrived!

I finally found a minute during a very busy summer to format and upload my sweet historical novel, LOVE, HAMISH so I could have print copies made available to my readers. This novella is set in Scotland and the ebook sells well, but some people (myself included) enjoy the feel of a paperback book. 

Book Blurb for LOVE, HAMISH

What happens when Daisy, a young Scottish seamstress, meets a Highlander visiting Gretna Green? Action, turmoil, murderous intentions, and love. The love for the bull, Hamish, surprises her and intrigues Torin, his owner and protector. In this sweet novella, protecting Torin and Hamish keeps Daisy on her toes while a less than gentlemanly lord gives them all trouble. Leave it to the huge yet gentle Hamish to bring Daisy and Torin together. Forever.

Consider ordering the print version. My copies are headed to family and friends but if you want an autographed copy, send me an email at with your mailing address and I will quote you a reasonable price.

Stay safe!

Nancy Lee Badger

Friday, August 27, 2021

Lovin' Summer and a Book


I am headed to the gym to exercise (with mask) then take a dip in their indoor pool (without a mask). I use a noodle to continue my exercises instead of swimming laps (I like to keep my glasses on). 

I grew up near the water on the north side of Long Island and the summer was also filled with a carload of kids heading to Fire Island. Love me some waves!

Our move to North Carolina has placed us a good 4 hours from the ocean, so the salt water pool is a fine substitute.

Labor Day here in the US is the official end of summer and it falls on September 6th. Besides READING BOOKS ALL SUMMER, what are you doing to keep your self active and healthy?

psst. my novella LOVE, HAMISH is now available IN PRINT. it is a sweet historical romance and can fill those summer evenings. 

Stay safe!

Nancy Lee Badger