Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Heaven-sent Warrior, my 24th book, was just released by Soul Mate Publishing and I am proud to say the entire story takes place in the beautiful state of North Carolina.

Book Blurb
Henrí Chevalier's last memory, before stumbling naked into a museum’s moonlit garden, was Auguste Rodin and his dusty Paris studio in 1886. To escape his broken heart, Henrí volunteered to sleep inside a statue until needed. Expecting to die, he discovers he must learn to use the unexpected powers Heaven has given him. Without them he will fail his mission against otherworldly creatures, such as demons and faeries. 

Kenzie Mackintosh, a dedicated art museum's curator, spies a naked man hiding among bronze statues. A quick glance ignites desire within her, but she is too tied-up in work to act on it. Unaware of her Fae heritage, their relationship heats up as he disrupts her job. While Henrí tries to process modern buildings, cars, and a broken elevator, a demon attacks and forces Henrí and Kenzie to enlist the aid of her powerful Fae relatives. When the demon possesses the body of her ex-lover and threatens to kill him, then use her to take over the world, Henrí and Kenzie must learn to trust each other, even if Kenzie’s death might be the only answer to the world’s salvation.

The story begins in the Rodin Garden
at the beautiful 

Here are photos I took during a recent visit:

The Three Shades by Auguste Rodin

The reflecting pool, where demons sleep

A beautiful pond. Did I mention Demons like water?


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Friday, July 13, 2018

Nancy Lee Badger Presents Children's Author Renée Filippucci-Kotz

Renée Filippucci-Kotz is a local author like me, here in Raleigh, North Carolina. She stopped by to share another new book. Take it away!

Pepper’s Misadventure is the second children’s, chapter book in the Amelia Jae Series.  (AJ’s Wish is the first).  AJ and her mother are driving their new kitty, Pepper, to the veterinarian when they are in a fender bender.  AJ doesn’t listen to her mom and takes Pepper out of her carrier.  Pepper is frightened, jumps out of AJ’s arms and runs away.

Excerpt from Pepper's Misadventure

On the way to Dr. Simon’s office, Mom stopped at a stop sign. As she drove the car through the intersection, a car coming from a side street didnt stop. Suddenly, there was a screech of tires and then a hard jolt. The car hit them in the side, putting a large dent in the left back door. AJ and Mom were stunned for a moment.
 “Are you hurt? Are you all right?” asked Mom.
“I’m okay, but my heart is pounding, and I’m a little shaky,” said AJ. Her face was pale beneath her freckles.
“Let’s get out while I call the police. Leave Pepper in the car, said Mom. AJ and Mom got out of the car. Mom went to talk to the driver who hit them and to call the police.
“I’ll just check you out,said AJ as she slid Pepper’s carrier across the seat. She opened the carrier door and lifted Pepper out. As Mom was talking to the police on the phone, she saw AJ take Pepper out of the carrier.
“Amelia Jae, I told you to leave Pepper in the car. Put her back in there right now,” said Mom. “It’s not safe for her to be out of it.”
“But Mom, I just wanted to make sure she was okay,” said AJ.
“Put her back now, Amelia Jae,” said Mom.
AJ reached for the carrier to put Pepper back in the car. A dog in the back seat of the other car barked loudly. Startled, Pepper jumped out of AJ’s arms. The dog saw Pepper and barked even louder as it scratched at the window. Terrified, Pepper ran.
“Come back, Pepper! cried AJ.
Pepper kept running, even though she stepped on some broken glass in the street and cut her front right paw.


More About the Author

Renée Filippucci-Kotz was born in New York and grew up in Kentucky. Renée developed a passion for books and animals as a child. Going to the library with her parents and brother was a favorite pastime. She has always loved to read.

Growing up Renée had a vivid imagination.  She loved to make up stories. She would tell stories to the children for whom she babysat and the children at day camp where she was a counselor.

She became interested in writing for children while working with foster children. Her first children’s chapter book, AJ’s Wish, was published in 2016. Her second chapter book in the AJ series, Pepper's Misadventure, published in 2017, received honorable mention in the Carteret Writers Contest. In addition, she has published her first picture book, Booker and the Stinky Smell in 2017.

Renée recently completed her second picture book, Smokey and Clover the Runaway Goat.  To be published later this year.  She is currently working on the third book in the Amelia Jae series, Mystery at Camp Piney Woods.

When not writing, Renée enjoys reading, gardening, traveling, volunteering at her local animal shelter and spending time with her husband and pets. Ms. Filippucci-Kotz lives in North Carolina. Connect with her here:

...and please check out her other books


Friday, July 6, 2018

Nancy Lee Badger Presents Jaycee Jarvis

I invited author Jaycee Jarvis to tell us about her latest book. It was released by Soul Mate Publishing (which just happens to be my new publisher!) Take it away, Jaycee!

Taxing Courtship is the first in a new fantasy romance series, the Hands of Destin. It came out on June 20th from Soul Mate Publishing. It is a story of forbidden love in a magical setting. Lady Em steals for her goddess until Quintin steals her heart.

The Book Blurb
Lady by day, lockpick by night, Em has some serious misgivings about her latest sneak job. It stinks of espionage, and she’d be more comfortable with straightforward theft. Her intuition proves right when she is confronted by her client, a sweet and sexy mind-reading tax-collector named Quintin. The job turns sour when they are discovered by his blackmailing boss. Posing as lovers to throw off the scent, their passionate embrace haunts Em even as she returns to her brittle facade as a pampered Lady of the Realm.

This double life is further threatened when her criminal contact is thrown in the stocks, leaving her in danger of exposure, and even worse, with no way to support the temple that has been her responsibility since her mother’s death. In desperation, she seeks Quintin out and is horrified to discover he is a Hand of Destin, marked for service to the Troika by a feline familiar. Hands are loyal and true, defenders of the weak, upholders of the law, notoriously honor-bound. In short, everything that she, a willing outlaw, is not.

Despite their differences, the attraction between Em and Quintin only grows stronger, even as she seeks out new ways to earn the beans she needs for her temple. When Em’s father starts talking marriage settlements with a wealthy, but odious, suitor, Em realizes just how much Quintin means to her. But can she find a way to save her temple and still marry her poor but perfect tax collector?

Excerpt from Taxing Courtship
Han-Auditor Quintin nearly choked on his own panic. They were doomed. “The Bursar’s coming!”
“What?” the lovely thief whispered. “How do you know?”
“We have to hide you,” he told her, though he had no idea where.
She took a step back toward the room with the trunk.
“Not there.” He dug his fingers into her elbow. “That’s his office.”
The sparsely furnished warehouse offered no better options.
Hurry! A thought belonging to another whistled through Quintin’s mind. Boss at door.
The front door rattled ominously.
He froze like a rabbit spooked by an owl. This was a disaster. The Bursar was about to find him skulking around the Tribute Office with a professional thief. He would be dismissed in disgrace, his honor and standing as a Hand called into question. His friends would be shamed to know him and his mother—
The thief pushed him.
He staggered into a pile of goods and sat with a thump on a barrel. His staff clattered to the floor.
Before he could recover his balance, she straddled his lap. “Trust me.”
He opened his mouth to speak.
She sealed it shut with her own.

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More about the Author
Jaycee Jarvis is a Golden Heart® finalist who writes lush fantasy novels with plenty of heart and magic. When not lost in worlds of her own creation, she resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three children and a menagerie of animals. Connect with her here:

BookBub    Website 

Friday, June 29, 2018

Nancy Lee Badger Presents Sofie Darling

Sofie darling, a fellow author with Soul Mate Publishing, stopped by to share some intimate details about her life as well as to invite you inside her new book. Take it away, Sofie!

TEMPTED BY THE VISCOUNT is an historical romance and the second book of my Shadows and Silk series. When Jake’s past in the Far East comes charging into London, he knows he must act fast to protect his daughter’s future. 

Scandalous divorcee Lady Olivia Montfort is his only hope. She agrees on one condition: the use of his name to buy a Mayfair townhouse and secure her independence from men. A bargain is struck. What Jake and Olivia don’t anticipate is the temptation of each other.

Book Blurb

London, April 1825

Lord Jakob Radclyffe left his past behind in the Far East. Or so he thinks until a ruthless thief surfaces in London, threatening to ruin his daughter’s reputation. With the clock ticking, Jake needs the scandalous Lady Olivia Montfort’s connections in the art world to protect his daughter’s future.

Olivia, too, has a past she’d like to escape. By purchasing her very own Mayfair townhouse, she’ll be able to start a new life independent from all men. There’s one problem: she needs a powerful man’s name to do so. The Viscount St. Alban is the perfect name.

A bargain is struck.

What Olivia doesn’t anticipate is the temptation of the viscount. The undeniable spark of awareness that races between them undermines her vow to leave love behind. Soon, she has no choice but to rid her system of Jake by surrendering to her craving for a single scorching encounter.

But is once enough? Sometimes once only stokes the flame of desire higher and hotter. And sometimes once is all the heart needs to risk all and follow a mad passion wherever it may lead.

Excerpt from Tempted by the Viscount

“Am I late?” he asked in a tone that didn’t sound as concerned as his words might have suggested.
“Yes,” she replied, sounding distressingly like Lucy on a petulant day.
“My apologies,” he said on a shallow bow, even as his mouth, that talented, efficient mouth of his, maintained its familiar firm line.
“No need for apologies, my lord. In fact, your tardiness is promising evidence that you are settling into the viscountcy quite well.” She liked the way his eyes narrowed at her stern tone, a tone she couldn’t help borrowing from Mrs. Bloomquist. “It is the first rule of the nobility. Everyone can wait.”
“Then my apologies for not having made you wait longer.”
A begrudging smile found its way to her lips. “Now for the second rule of the nobility.” She allowed a beat to pass. A flash of pleasure coursed through her at the very idea that she could hold this glorious man in suspense. It wasn’t every woman who could boast that particular thrill. “Never apologize.”
He stepped forward, halving the distance between them, and took another bow. “Again, my apologies.”
His gaze pinned her in place, and, like that, the power of the moment shifted to him. Oh, how an unmanageable part of her wanted him to use it. This felt dangerously like flirting. Was she flirting?
She was. In the presence of the tease playing about his eyes and mouth, she couldn’t seem to help herself. She tried clearing her throat, hoping to clear her head in the process.
He should be more careful with that smile. It could give a woman ideas.


More About the Author

Sofie Darling is an award-winning author of historical romance. Her debut novel, THREE LESSONS IN SEDUCTION, won the Writers’ League of Texas’ Manuscript Contest in the Romance Category in 2016.

She spent much of her twenties raising two boys and reading every book she could get her hands on. Once she realized she simply had to write the books she loved, she finished her English degree and embarked on her writing career. Mr. Darling and the boys gave her their wholehearted blessing.

When she’s not writing heroes who make her swoon, she runs a marathon in a different state every year, visits crumbling medieval castles whenever she gets a chance, and enjoys a slightly codependent relationship with her beagle, Bosco. Connect with her here:



Friday, June 22, 2018

Nancy Lee Badger Presents Donna Steele

 They’re back from the past, but so much has changed

Thanks Nancy for having me over! I’m excited about my latest release – A Different Time. I’ve always enjoyed time travel, from books to movies to TV. But there was always that “don’t mess with the time line!!” warning. So, what if you ignore that warning and try to improve things?

That was the premise for Another Time. Dusty and Dee didn’t know how they got to 1891 or whether or not they’d ever get home. So why not make improvements, emphasize a few things that could make life better?

Now they’re back in the present to see all of the changes their hints have wrought – and there’s a ton of them. A Different Time, released June 20, is their struggle to adapt once again to a time they don’t recognize. People are missing, or changed, and some outside force seems to be affecting a lot of people—Dee most of all.

A Different Time is my second book with Soul Mate Publishing, and the second in the Guardians of Now Series. The third book – A New Time – is under construction now.

I love writing paranormal and science fiction. There are no restrictions to where your mind can go. As a pantser I’m often surprised at where my characters lead me, so I can enjoy the journey as you can. Here’s a snippet for you…

Excerpt from A Different Time
Dusty kept a protective eye on Dee as she readied for their wedding. She appeared calm, almost serene which was remarkable given last night’s events.
Now he had a greater understanding of Dee’s reluctance to contact her mother and stepfather, though neither had been aware of the true extent of the circumstances prior to the dinner. The whole thing had been worse than he had envisioned, and he hated to see her deal with such a mess. Wasn’t a woman supposed to be happy on her wedding day, with her mother around to support and indulge her?
Maybe he’d never given weddings in general any thought, but he wanted Dee happy.
They’d discussed the whole “not seeing the bride before the wedding” superstition, but under these circumstances decided they could chance it. Besides, helping with her zipper—and again assuring her the pregnancy did not show—seemed to steady both of them.
She’d chosen a creamy dress that came to her knees and made her pale complexion glow. Beads were sewn all around the top of the dress, and she’d left her hair down. Dusty saw a few beads winking here and there through the thick strands, redder than ever probably due to all the time they’d spent out of doors in the past.
He had not one qualm about marrying her. The uncertainty came from who might show up at the gardens as witness. Ben and his father were the two they wanted at their sides. No one else.
“Are you ready?” Dee asked, breaking into his thoughts.
“More than you can know.” He kissed her knuckles and she blushed.
They hadn’t made love last night, in anticipation of their wedding night as well as the fact they were both emotionally and physically exhausted from the evening. He might’ve held her too tightly most of the night but she hadn’t complained. Neither had slept much, though she drifted off for a long nap around three.
As Dusty finished donning his best suit, he couldn’t help but miss his friends from Braddock’s Crossing—and wonder how Caleb, proprietor extraordinaire from the town Mercantile, would have dressed him for this occasion.

Buy Link:

My Review of the 1st book, Another Time (posted on Goodreads)
I just finished reading this author's book and could not put it down. Another Time, a story I have read front to back without stopping, starts out hot and steamy. What happens the 'day after a one-night stand' to the characters, Dusty and Dee, gets more and more action-packed and incredible. The characters don't know each other, but they're all they have to hold onto in this strange time. The writing is crisp, clean, and makes me see the odd world Dee and Dusty fall into from their eyes.  

Women strong enough for love.
Donna writes science fiction, paranormal and small town romances about women coming into their strength and having the courage to find and accept love. Now that she has retired from going into an office every day, she created an office at home and writes full time. Talk about living the dream!

She was the girl at the party who was yearning for the quiet corner and a book to read (go Rory Gilmore!), and has been writing in her head since she learned to read. Getting those stories down on paper (or in her laptop) has been more fun than she ever imagined it could be. The possibilities of science fiction have always drawn her and she's read them all, there just needed to be a little more romance in them. She finally got up the courage to write them herself and is delighted to be able to share these stories with you.

She is a member of Romance Writers of America, the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Chapter of RWA and the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers. Connect with her here:

...and do not miss the first in the series
available HERE