Sunday, September 30, 2012

Glad to be back in the city....

The Kancamagus River outside our condo
Wildlife is beautiful. While driving to and from New England, we spied many brown-eyed, sweet-faced deer. Their delicate beauty is awesome, but they were munching along with their 'friends' much too close to the highway.

Another aspect of rural life was evident at the condominium we stayed at in Lincoln, New Hampshire while volunteering at the New Hampshire Highland Games & Festival. The multi-unit, three floor building is nestled beside a large river, yet we were still surprised by the sign on the dumpster (each visitor is required to take all trash to the dumpster before check-out)

The sign is self explanitory and you will agree I had a right to send my adult son out with the next bag.

(and I love the last sentence) Now that I am safely ensconced within the Raleigh city limits in North Carolina, I can laugh at my fear. Are you laughing at me? They would not have posted the sign without reason...would they?

*all photos by Nancy Lee Badger

Cautious author, Nancy Lee Badger

Friday, September 28, 2012

And the Winners are...

Nancy and her kilted husband at last weekend's New Hampshire Highland Games
The Highlander Giveaway Hop is history and I have chosen two winners from everyone who was kind enough to comment.

Kilts & bagpipes at the NH Highland Games as far as the eye can see!
Amy J said "I love Scottish romance. What coms to mind with the word Highlander? An incredible, sexy man who's a warrior, a hero who has a code of ethics that includes honor and loyalty that can run so deep he can be stubborn and unyielding."

I couldn't have said it better, Amy!

One of many well-dressed pipe band Majors
Diva J
said "When I think of Highlanders, I am reminded of the honor and duty these (sexy, kilted) warriors possess."

Yum, I agree, Diva.

Congratulations to the winners whose names were picked from a hat by my kilt-wearing hubby.
The author and her husband enjoying the end-of-games party!

Enjoy your prizes!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Highlander Giveaway HOP!

Along with several other authors, I am celebrating
from the past, present, and future.

I am featuring my book
Book #2 of the Highland Games Through Times series. This full-length book is a Scottish Time Travel paranormal with witches, an evil sorcerer, and hunky men in kilts. It begins at a present-day Highland Games and Festival in New England.

I am giving away TWO e-books to TWO lucky people who simply leave a comment, below, between Sept. 21st and the 27th!

Book #1 in the series was released in May.

My Honorable Highlander
is just as fierce, just as sensual, and just as time-traveling.

Please take a moment to answer this question::
When you hear the word 'Highlander' what comes to mind?
Be Honest!
And, don't forget to 'HOP' over to the other author blogs and enter to win their giveaways.
No purchase necessary!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Today I would like to take a moment to reflect on writing organizations that have benefited me. I spent a wonderful recent weekend night having dinner with over a dozen people who welcomed our monthly speaker to town.

We had flown Heather Osborn, an editor at Samhain Publishing, to town to speak to our local chapter of Romance Writers of America, the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers. The monthly meeting was well-attended and many of us joined afterward to talk over coffee.

This morning, I spent a couple of hours with one writer as we typed furiously in a local coffee shop, her on her next book nearing its deadline and me on promotional articles for my latest release.

As Co-Chair of the group blog, I then spent the afternoon typing up some blog posts for the Fantasy-Futuristic and Paranormal Romance Writers.As PRO Liaison for the Celtic Heart Romance Writers chapter, I worked on a strategy to get more members motivated to finish their latest manuscript. Both these groups are on-line chapters of RWA.

Why am I bringing this up?

Simple. Writing is a lonely profession. You sit in a room or in a chair, alone, and people expect great things. I play the radio and my cat, Blaze, keeps me company, but the house is quiet (when hubby is at work). A writer needs quiet at times, but a writer needs the stimulating conversation, educational benefits, and joy-filled good times that meeting with others 'of like minds' bring.

Are you a writer? DON'T DO THIS ALONE! Ask for help, sit in on a meeting, join an on-line group, attend a writers conference, find a friend who writes. You'll be a better writer.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The past few days have been filled with recollections on TV and radio of the September 11, 2001 tragedy. I watched the stories and recalled how I felt that day. I was at work at the 9-1-1 center in New Hampshire, less than 50 miles from Boston, where the first airplane hailed.

Unfortunately, war and terrorism have been around a long time, even in our young country.
Great-great Grandpa Joseph Abner Bean,
who died while serving in the American Civil War

Peace, above all things, is to be desired, but blood must sometimes be spilled to obtain it on equable and lasting terms. —Andrew Jackson


Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Banished Highlander is out!

My last post was a little dry. Kind of a 'buy my book' message, which I really didn't want to portray, but how else to tell people about my latest release?

Then it came to me...   GIVE THE BOOK AWAY!

So, to make this blog short, to the point, and something people will
actually  comment on, I will award a FREE e-copy of either book in

                                                               My Banished Highlander
                          Book #2
                         released Sept. 1, 2012
                         Amazon   NOOK   Smashwords

My Honorable Highlander
Book #1
released May 18, 2012

What do YOU have to do?

Answer this question:
When you think of Scotland, what comes to mind?
That's it!

I will draw a winner from one lucky person who leaves a comment below (and please include an email which I do NOT save or sell)
on Sept. 11th. Good Luck! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A NEW RELEASE! My Banished Highlander is here!

Release Day is here for My Banished Highlander, my second book in the Highland Games Through Time series! Book #1 has done so well that I spent all summer polishing this book so I could release it before I headed to the New Hampshire Highland Games this month. That, and other similar Scottish festivals, gave me the idea to set my time travel romances among volunteers and athletes who attend these games. The majority of the story takes place in dark and dangerous 16th century Scotland, but my present-day scenes are lively, fun, and sexy. This book follows the story that began in My Honorable Highlander, which is available in ebook and print.

Would you like to know
more about the story?
With a letter in her hand and a Highlander at her back, what could go wrong? 

When his clan convicts Cameron Robeson of treason in 1598 Scotland, the last thing he thought his cousin the Laird would do was banish him to the future. With a certain woman on his mind, he plans revenge while surrounded by the sights and sounds of the modern day New England Highland Games. His plans go awry when a comely redheaded lass wearing the Mackenzie plaid lands at his feet. 

Iona Mackenzie is worried about her friend, Haven, and searches for answers among the tents at the games. Whom can she trust to help? Her father? The handsome blacksmith? Or, the tall, golden-haired Highlander? Romance takes a back seat because saving her friend is her priority, no matter how great Cameron can kiss. 

When a magical amulet and an angry sorcerer send this unlikely couple back through time, more than one heart will be broken. Danger, intrigue, and threats surround them, and feelings between Iona and Cameron grow hot and steamy. They fight the sorcerer and search for Iona’s friend, the woman he vowed to steal from his cousin. Will the strong-willed Highlander and the present day witch stop fighting long enough to listen to their hearts? 

Title:  My Banished Highlander   Book #2 of the Highland Games Through Time Series
Genre: Scottish Time Travel Romance
Length: 82,000 word Novel
EBook Available at:
Available soon in PRINT!