Friday, May 1, 2020

More HOT NEWS from Author Nancy Lee Badger

I learned how to use ZOOM! This means I can network with fellow writers in two of my favorite groups: the Triangle Association of Freelancers and the Heart of Carolina Romance writers.

I use the laptop to travel around the internet a lot, but I have never used the camera in order to see myself or others. I am posting on Facebook, Twitter, and various blogs in order to promote my new book, Heaven-sent Flame, but connecting with other writers is so refreshing. I miss in-person business meetings, but sitting comfortably in my own home is fine. I already signed up for a mini-conference that will take place on-line via ZOOM. 

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Promotion is one job I can do from home during North Carolina's stay-at-home order. A pandemic like the current COVID-19 is a worry and a major inconvenience, but I will adapt. I am adapting, as are other writers.

What will the future bring? Nobody knows. Read a book, stay safe, wash your hands, and let me know if you find toilet paper! 

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