Friday, May 22, 2020

Nancy Lee Badger Presents Author Madelaine Grant

Another author with Soul Mate Publishing has released a book that I am thrilled to share with my readers. Please check out the free excerpt then leave a comment! Take it away, Madelaine Grant!

Thanks for inviting me, Nancy. My second release, The Sweet Touch, a contemporary romance with recipes, is available as an ebook or in print. My first book, a romantic comedy, A Total Mismatch, is also available through Amazon and Soul Mate Publishing, in both ebook and print formats. I’ve been interested in healthy living for most of my life.

In The Sweet Touch the heroine, Kate Bromley, is a nutritionist and triathlon competitor. I feel connected to her story through my own love of the outdoors and keeping fit plus my enjoyment in creating tasty vegetarian dishes.   

Each chapter ends with a healthy vegetarian recipe which I researched and experimented with in my kitchen. Of course I have my favorites – the mock tuna salad and the chocolate pudding are at the top of my list.

Book Blurb
When nutritionist and triathlon competitor Kate Bromley meets single dad and owner of steak restaurants, Dan Brookhouse, at a mall where she’s demonstrating how to make a healthy chocolate pudding, she is determined to keep her distance. After an early disastrous marriage she enjoys her freedom too much. Dan is determined to have Kate demonstrate her desserts to his chefs. 

Besides being immediately attracted to her, he’s a chocoholic. Can Kate keep her hard-won freedom and still have a relationship with Dan? Will Dan’s hyperactive young son be too stressful for Kate to handle?

Excerpt from The Sweet Touch
Dan was pretty sure of himself, she thought uneasily. He was talking about their next encounter while she had no intention of seeing him again, at least in a personal way.
“Dan,” she began hesitantly, “I should probably mention that I don’t date. I wouldn’t mind a platonic friendship, but anything more is not possible. I’m much too busy for any kind of involvement.” She sent him a glance and, when he didn’t reply right away, she added, “This isn’t a recent decision. After my divorce I decided to put all my energy into my own life, finishing my education and building a business. I’ve never allowed myself to swerve from that course. I hope you understand.”
He suddenly started laughing. Shocked at his unexpected response, Kate turned toward him with a puzzled stare.
“What’s so funny?” she demanded.
“You,” he managed to say in a choked voice. “You sound so definite.” He pulled into the parking lot of the Brookhouse restaurant, turned off the ignition and looked at her, his blue eyes twinkling. “I’ll just have to convince you to swerve a little now and then, like our brief time in the greenhouse.” He reached out a hand to run a finger down the side of her flushed face. “That was just an introduction, mind you. I’m sure we’ll find more in common than you could imagine.” His tone was tender as he said this.


Another book by Madelaine Grant

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More About the Author
I’ve been a professional artist for most of my working life, first as a commercial artist, later teaching art to children and adults and then as Assistant Director of Art at the Stamford Museum, in Stamford, Ct. I’ve shown my work in galleries in Ct., N.Y. and Florida and am a member of several professional organizations. At the same time I’ve always wanted to write. My  attempts never came to fruition until I joined Romance Writers of America and my local chapter. Attending chapter meetings I learned the craft of romance writing. My first published work appeared in True Confessions and True Story magazines. I also published two novellas with Extasy Books.  After many attempts I wrote a full-length novel, a contemporary romantic comedy, “A Total Mismatch” and signed a contract with Soul Mate Publishing. The book was released in November, 2017 as an e-book and later in print. My second book for Soul Mate, “The Sweet Touch”, is a contemporary romance released in September 2019 as an e-book and later in print. I am working on a third contemporary romance, “Dream With Me” and am enjoying the process. Connect with me here: Website   Soul Mate Publishing

To read the first chapters of “A Total Mismatch” and “The Sweet Touch” check out my WEBSITE
To view my artwork search for Contemporary Florida Artist Madelaine Ginsberg

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  1. The Sweet Touch sounds like a perfect summer read. I must learn the recipe for a healthy chocolate pudding.