Friday, October 4, 2019

Scottish Games...what a Trip!

Doormat at the entrance to a clan's tent

I just returned from my annual road trip from Raleigh, NC to Lincoln, NH. What a blast! Every year I worry that this 2,000+ mile round-trip is getting harder and harder, but the NH Highland Games and Festival is quite a party! Here are several photos I took:

Honored Band: Royal Canadian Mounted Police 

The beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire

In case you want to investigate what Scottish festivals entail, here are some upcoming events you might consider. I have also added several of my favorites (or soon to be favorites as I expand my trips):

Oct. 5-6: Scotland County Highland Games, Laurinburg, NC
Oct 11-19: Celtic Colours Festival, Cape Breton, NovaScotia
Oct 12: Indianapolis Scottish Highland Games, Indiana
Oct. 18-20: Stone Mountain Highland Games, Georgia
Oct. 26-27: Central Virginia Celtic Festival and Games, Richmond, VA
Nov. 2: Charleston Scottish Games, Charleston, SC
March 14-15: St. Augustine Celtic Music and Heritage Festival, Florida  
Feb. 1: Sarasota Celtic Music Festival, Florida
April 17-19: Loch Norman Highland games, Huntersville,NC
July 9-12: Grandfather Mountain Highland Games,  Linville, NC
Sept. 18-20: New Hampshire Highland Games and Festival, Lincoln, NH

Teaching them young!

This is a FRACTION of the hundreds of events around the United states and Canada, Most event websites will help you find hotels and let you buy advance tickets. Kilts and bagpipes are optional!

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