Friday, October 25, 2019

A Few More Trip Photos by Nancy Lee Badger

It is amazing what you will see when you leave your hometown. Well, Raleigh, North Carolina is my adopted town, but it is natural to forget that other places utilize things differently. 

Vermont is one of those places, When I was younger, hubby and I drove around New England and picked up antique milk cans whenever we spotted one in decent shape with its cover. Over the years, I have painted many cans and even sold a few, but most went to family members. I am currently selling one for $125. What did Vermont's Welcome Center do with their's? They painted it green and turned it into an outside ashtray! Horrors!

Here are Daryl Jamieson and I, pictured at the recent NH Highland Games. We are related! Loosely. Daryl is a Native American drummer and a member of the Clan Gunn Society of North America. Hubby and I are also members of Clan Gunn. It is so great to meet up with him every fall in New Hampshire. Find out more about Daryl on Facebook.

I love dogs. Really. Okay, I love cats a little more and miss my muse, Blaze, whenever we travel, but two beautiful and impressively large Irish Wolfhounds walked through the grounds at the NH Highland Games. I can imagine the food bill!

I had not driven over the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire in decades and I forgot the lonely splendor of the mountains. Many trees were just turning and their golds and reds dotted the vistas. Incredible.

As an original New Yorker, glancing at the New York skyline while crossing the Hudson River awes me everytime I see it. I am not nor have I ever considered myself a city girl. Give me trees, the ocean, and a cat and I can succeed.

Did I mention I also released a new book this month? Rescuing Christmas is a small-town sweet romance set in rural Vermont. See how visiting Vermont comes back to haunt me! Give it a try.

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