Friday, May 4, 2018


I was a blushing newlywed the month that the first (or should I say 4th?) STAR WARS movie was released. Back in 1977, not many other movies were anywhere like this 'space western'. I considered it a young adult or coming of age saga, very unlike STAR TREK

I grew up watching STAR TREK on TV. It was my first love for everything science fiction, but STAR WARS was very different. Different in the way a contemporary novel is from a paranormal romance. Authors shake things up because readers love it. Escapism is quite popular with the movie-going public. What if you don't have the time or money for the movies? And don't talk to me about the price of soda and popcorn!

My advice? READ A BOOK!

Since I have all the STAR WARS movies on DVD, I will spend Friday watching them all...and I can fast-forward through Jar-Jar Binks! Do you remember this quote by Jar-Jar? "Count me outta dis one." So I will!

Since I was an adult woman when Han Solo first showed up on a movie screen, I have already marked my calendar so I do not miss the May 25th release of SOLO, a new movie prequel

Ok, now for my personal public service announcement. Since I am the daughter of a Navy veteran and the mother of an Army veteran (who served in Iraq) I say:

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