Wednesday, May 9, 2018

How I will Spend Mother's Day

I have no idea how I will spend Mother's Day. Do I spend money and go out to eat; buy take-out and enjoy it in front of the TV, or nap all day?

My older son and his partner live a thousand miles away, so a card or a phone call from them will make me smile.

My youngest should be home from his travels and I assume (should I) that he will spend a little time with me.

My mom lives 550+ miles away, and the card is in the mail, and the flowers will be delivered today. Hope she enjoys them. I have told family not to give me flowers, as the cat ends up eating them then puking them all over the carpet.


So, if you are a mom or have a mom, make May 13th a special day. And...
if you want me to be happy, buy one of my books!

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