Friday, May 11, 2018

Nancy Lee Badger Presents Author Alicia Hope

Alicia Hope stopped by to tell us about her life AND her latest book. Take it away, Alicia!

This is Alicia Hope saying g'day from sunny Queensland, Australia. Yes, that's right, I live where it's beautiful one day and perfect the next (except when it's being buffeted by cyclones of course)!  One of the state's sunniest spots - maybe the sunniest in the whole country - is the setting for my book, The Long Road to Loving Grayson, a rural romance and my best seller. This story clamoured for release, its scenes coming to me faster than I could type - and I pride myself on having flying fingers! 

I wrote Grayson just after returning to the coast from the remote north west of the state, where I worked in a Human Resources role, like Maggie in the story. Also like Maggie, I found living remote to be a new and quite wonderful experience, which is partly why I simply HAD to write this story. Grayson is one of my first books but still the one closest to my heart, a piece of which I left in the 'warm heart of Australia'. :)

Being in love with one man but married to another isn't something uber-capable HR officer Maggie could have prepared herself for; and when civil engineer Grayson travels to a remote Queensland town to relieve for six weeks, he isn't expecting to have to summon the Flying Doctors, survive a tropical cyclone, or lose his heart. So when he finally sets off on the journey back home, neither of them realises that Maggie is also on the road ... the long road to loving Grayson. And there are plenty of roadblocks and obstacles to be negotiated on Australia's outback highways, so they’d better buckle up! 

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Alicia Hope lives in Queensland, Australia, with her author husband and their two pet birds, her much-loved muses. Bass playing, scuba diving, bird and horse loving Alicia lives on coastal acreage dotted with Australia’s famous gum trees and frequented by the wildlife she adores. Her feel-good stories are mostly set in Australia, with many of them inspired by her love of the land and the natural world. She likes to imagine readers curled up and engrossed in one her books on a rainy afternoon, or any time!
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