Saturday, April 7, 2018

A NEW RELEASE! With Every Breath

My Opportunity Falls series is getting larger, now that another release day is here!
With Every Breath is the third book in my Opportunity Falls series. The series started in New York, then followed two New Yorkers to New Hampshire. This book is set mainly in New Hampshire (with an important side-trip to Boston).

Book Blurb
A quirky college town, an injured hiker and his beautiful rescuer. Assumptions pull the new lovers apart. Barely surviving two stalkers, a murder on campus, heartache, and hypothermia, their race up a mountain during a snowstorm keeps the pace rolling in this hot, spicy adventure-filled romance.

FREE Excerpt 
“You live on the mountain?” Jacob asked.
“I rent a small cabin,” Destiny replied, then added, “My home is quiet and private. I enjoy my solitude. Plus, it comes with heat and hot water. I have a washer and dryer, so when I get you out of those clothes I can…” Destiny’s face burned with the heat of total embarrassment. She stopped, spun toward him, inhaled, and spoke a bit slower.
“What I meant is, you can change out of your clothes and I’ll throw them in the washer. I have a big robe that might fit you while you wait.”
He chuckled at her mortification, the first sign he seemed to understand his effect on her.
“I know what you meant. A hot shower and a chance to rest before I continue on will do me a world of good. I’ll be forever in your debt.”
He gave her a big smile, and her toes curled inside her boots. She couldn’t help returning the smile with a big one of her own. He suddenly gasped, his lungs sucking in air, as if they’d failed to get enough oxygen.
Rushing toward him, she batted at a few loose hairs tickling her forehead and placed a hand at the open ‘V’ of his shirt. He coughed, hard, as if his throat constricted more each second.
“Are you all right?” Should she slap him on the back? His backpack stood in the way, so she rubbed her hand over his chest hairs in a soothing, circular motion, while she debated what to do next. His eyes mirrored her concern. Why did she feel guilty all of a sudden?
“I’ll be okay,” he groaned, “I just need to catch my breath.” He closed his eyes. The tension between them thickened with desire, and for some reason it felt wrong. Jacob was obviously years older than the boys she dated, and he said he worked at the college. He wasn’t kitchen help, like her. He was highly educated, well-dressed, and sexy as Hell. More importantly, he was injured, and in pain.
Get over this silly infatuation and help the guy off the mountain. Drool later.
She reluctantly turned away.

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SALE PRICE for April  $.99

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