Friday, April 20, 2018

Dragon Quests by Ron A. West

I had the opportunity to assist a Canadian gentleman who was looking for guidance with writing his new book. He contacted me due to my history of writing stories set in Scotland, and which included dragons. (Did I mention I LOVE dragons?)  I suggested an editor, and said I would be happy to help him with a cover...for a price.

Long story short, Kathy Rothenberger got him through the first edits, but a problem with his word processing software had him asking me to look through it. 

VERY long story short, I reformatted the story, added some dialog suggestions, and created the front and back covers. The book is finally out in both ebook and print (my first experience with and its print on demand software).

The Story:

DRAGON QUESTS moves through the centuries with the youthful Johnathan/Ianatan, Wizards, Crusader Knights and the shape-shifting dragon clan Draco, following their war with the Wyverns.

Actions take place through ancient and contemporary Europe, Canada, Scotland and Israel in the passing of times. There are young captured dragons to be rescued from a Wizard’s spell.
With puzzles, for hidden gold, for a magic sword, a religious relic, and the resolution of a murder occurring in Dragon Quests.

A Free Excerpt:

The conference call was connected, and put on speaker. Mr. Ronaldson and his grandson, Ian, were both on the Ontario connection.
Everyone introduced themselves, and then, Lora acting as coordinator, explained that the Pendregans were interested in perhaps, visiting the castle. They outlined their intent with Alex’s permission, to perhaps do a search for articles, such as religious relics they had been led to believe might be hidden there. They explained briefly that they’d received information that had turned up just recently, from their long dead ancestor, an Oberon Pendragon. There were only some rather vague directions for locating the relics on the castle site. Perhaps Alex could accompany them, all expenses paid, of course, for a few days, or even a week or two?
The reference to the name ‘Pendragon’ struck both Alex and Ian into quick looks at each other, they stopped, thoughtful and quiet for a moment.
“Hello? Are you there?” 
Covering the phone, Alex Ronaldson expressed puzzlement to Ian, “Pendragon? Oh, at first, ‘Pendregan’ didn’t sink in. But Pendragons, arriving in Aerie! That may be cause for concern there, if the way isn’t properly cleared. What relics? None in Aerie, or the castle, as far as any have told…not even the dragons had ever even hinted at anything of the like, and they’ve been about near forever.”
Ian shrugged. “Might be interesting though, eh?” he whispered.
Alex continued the call, “Sorry, we were conferring.” Alex declined any visit, citing his health, but he suggested that perhaps, if they might wait until school was out for the summer, his teen-aged grandson, Ian, just might take the trip again, as he had old (he thought, verrry old), friends there.
“Give me a couple of days to talk to Ian and his parents before deciding anything, then I’ll get back to you. As for any search,” he agreed, “as long as there was someone present representing my interests, to keep me informed.”
He added with a laugh, “so that the castle ruins are not damaged. I’ll certainly have to talk with him and to his parents, and he might have plans already. Ian usually keeps quite active in sports leagues over the summer, but we’ll see, and we’ll be in touch.”

Lora placed a call to Lunette late the next day. “I received another call back from Mr. Ronaldson. It seems that Ian Ronaldson, the young man on the conference call, the one that deciphered the location of the treasure, will happily accompany you, and be glad to act as a guide and intermediary with the townsfolk, if needed, if you can wait until school’s out in a couple of weeks or so. He knows the lay of the land and should be an asset. He seems to have a curious and investigative mind, from what I’m told. I’ll pass on their location and phone number in Niagara on the Lake, and leave the rest to you two, to arrange things with the Ronaldsons. Stay in touch, don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help.”

Dragon Quests is good, clean adventure spanning many countries, with unusual characters and beasties. Author Ron A. West was a joy to work with. He would love to hear what you think. Please give it a look!

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About the Author
Ron had always dabbled in writing anecdotal short stories and had written dozens of poems, many of which were whimsy. Flirting with writing a book, he'd never found 'the' story.

One morning at breakfast he mentioned to his wife a Southern Belle, that he'd had a dream about their grandson finding a young dragon in a dungeon cell. Her response was the three words too seldom exchanged by older married couple. “Write it down.”
And now Ron has.


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