Friday, September 22, 2017

My Trip North, Chased by Hurricane Jose

I am back from our annual 9 day trip to New England and managed to put 1,890 miles on the car. We ate lakeside in the Poconos, helped friends in Salem, New Hampshire, worked up a sweat volunteering at the NH Highland Games (it has NEVER been so hot & muggy!), then traveled by ferry to Long Island. 

While Hurricane Jose made the Long Island Sound a bit choppy, and managed to dump rain on us while visiting my cousins, it did pause long enough for me to take photos of relatives' graves. Thank you, Jose.

Due to having moved to Raleigh, North Carolina several years ago, visiting family and friends we see once a year is a treat. Some have aged (as have I) and some are no longer able to party until dawn (yep, that's me, too). I am happy everyone had a good time and I think my volunteers under the Information Tent did a whiz-bang job helping the approximately 40,000 people that enjoyed the 2017 New Hampshire Highland Games.

'Thor' was a big draw. The Mountain/Sir Gregor from Game of Thrones is also a weight-lifting champion and gave a great show. Did I mention he lifted a car?

Now that I am back home I need to get back to work, writing, especially since I sold a manuscript to SoulMate Publishing! I am again a published author, but will continue to share my self-published novels with my readers. Have you checked out my latest series?
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  1. Sounds like you trip was everything you had hoped it would be. Family times become even more precious as the years pass. I just finished With Every Heartbeat. I rooted all the way for the characters.