Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Release Day!

April 22nd was RELEASE DAY for my 28th book, Heaven-sent Flame. In this time of uncertainty, I am glad I work from home. I do miss volunteering as an EMT and Firefighter in the small town of Rumney, New Hampshire, but our move to Raleigh, North Carolina has given me the opportunity to follow my passion to read and write books. Here is a little bit about the 3rd and final book in my Warriors in Bronze series set in both Scotland and North Carolina:

An English lass grows up in a Scottish coven only to awaken in a strange new world with sculptures, a handsome man, and a hate-filled demon. Falling in love while saving the world was not the plan!

Excerpt from Heaven-sent Flame

Sam slammed the door behind them and threw the bolt. He pushed a button, and a grinding growl was followed by gathering darkness.
“What is that noise?” she yelled over the din, lowering her sword. Until he gave her a full explanation of why he pulled her back into his house, she would stay ready.
“The automatic shutters cover the front windows and the ones on both sides at the touch of a button. I use Bahama-style shutters on the side facing the road and inlet. I will leave them open, so we can keep tabs on the storm.”
More odd words, but if automatic shutters and Bahama shutters protected Sam’s home, that was all that mattered.
As he turned toward her to say something else, the lights inside the house blinked out. He flicked a switch on the wall bedside the door, but nothing happened. “I can wait a bit before pulling them all closed in a few minutes. Otherwise, we’ll be in the dark.”
“I understand.”
“I’m so sorry.” He hugged her, keeping her weapon at a safe distance.

Amazon ebook ASIN:  B086R1XW3W
Release Date:  April 22, 2020
Genre: Paranormal Romance    
Retail: Ebook-  $3.99   258 pages
Print: coming later this year
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