Friday, March 13, 2020

Nancy Lee Badger Presents Author Sally Brandle

Fellow Soul Mate Publishing author, Sally Brandle, stopped by to share her latest book. Since the cover depicts my favorite animal, I was happy to have her join me. Take it away, Sally!

Thank you for allowing me to post on your site. My clean, contemporary, romantic suspense book The Targeted Pawn releases from Soul Mate Publishing on March 18, 2020. 

Animals and humans deserve hope at finding loving, forever homes. I first partnered with my horse at his age of twenty-two, our kitty we estimated to be four, and our pup who’d turned three. Elon Hardy, heroine in The Targeted Pawn, is thirty-nine and facing a loveless, uncertain future. She’s willing to take action to better the outcome, same as one of the horses in the story. Keeper, a real life gelding, came to reside with a friend of mine in the manner I depicted in the book. The story grew as a result of his determined path to a safe haven, and I’d encourage readers to share their stories about second chances. Happy trails, Sally

Elon Hardy’s romance skills are rusty after a loveless marriage ends, but upon meeting hunky rancher, Rane Calderon, sparks blaze hotter than her welding torch. To support her collegiate sons, she’s determined to acquiesce to the bullheaded, female-phobic boss until her divorce finalizes from her deceitful husband.

A woman Rane trusted ruined his life, and at forty, he won’t be fooled again. Blisteringly mad he’s hired a female bearing a man’s name, he fights attraction for the curvy, determined brunette while thwarting efforts to build a private prison atop his Blackfeet ancestors’ burial ground. 

Can Elon and Rane realize love doesn’t have a “best used before date”? If you enjoy smoldering romance, mercenary villains, and rescued animals, you’ll love escaping again to Emma Springs, Montana.

Elon smiled. Angel needed an advocate. “Just tell me where to park my car and oh…I, ah, have a dog.”
“Your car’s ok where it’s parked. Didn’t realize you brought a guest,” he said, in a voice turned soft as suede.
The calm before the storm? “Hadn’t planned to adopt a pet. A jerk tossed her from a truck on the highway an hour ago.” She clenched her fist. “I won’t abandon Angel. That’s what I named her.”
His boots scraped the floor as he pulled them in. He rose to his full height. “Angel can bunk inside, or I’ll find her a temporary doghouse.”
“I won’t let her bother you.”
“Dogs never do. If she needs kibbles, ask for Fred. He’ll find someone headed to town.”
The man did have a heart. For the first time today, she smiled. “Thank you. I’ll find something to feed her tonight,” Elon said.
Rane leaned over her, close enough to show dark stubble on his perfectly sculpted jaw. The guy’s black lashes appeared thick as paint brushes. His eyes glowed a deep shade of russet.
Flutters swirled in her belly. She blinked several times and leaned back.
With one fist braced on the papers, his chest stiffened into a shield. “Animals I trust, Ms. Hardy. Women are another story. A month’s trial, then we’ll talk.” He straightened and walked out, leaving a trail of spice-scented annoyance.
The front door slammed shut. Elon flinched. So much for the misconception of a kindly old rancher. Nope. Her fortyish boss possessed the ability to morph into a hardened commander with one scowl from his squint-eyed, condemning looks. How gracious of him to give her a month’s trial run. The ugly divorce might take a year.

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More About the Author
Multi-award-winning author Sally Brandle weaves slow-burning romance into edgy suspense stories. Sally left a career as an industrial baking instructor to bring to life stories motivating readers to trust their instincts. Her rescue Aussie is her companion during long spells of writing or afternoons spent riding on the wind with her nearly thirty-year-old Quarter Horse. Sign up for her newsletter at for freebies. The Hitman’s Mistake opens her Love Thrives in Emma Springs series of stories (without intimate scenes). Torn By Vengeance, Book 2, continues showcasing friendship, courageous women, and the men who deserve their love. The Targeted Pawn, Book 3, features a second chance for a life filled with love for humans and their furry friends. Connect with her here:


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