Friday, August 16, 2019

Hot Summertime Travels

An opportunity came up for me to accompany one of my sons to visit my mom (his grandmother) in Florida for a short visit. I jumped, since it had been sweltering here in North Carolina. It was hot in Florida, too, but her complex had a pool!

Heavy rains during the drive down pushed us into a big store's parking lot and we got drenched while shopping (someone needed a bathing suit). 

The sun came out and the pool was relaxing. I also noticed the rain had brightened the flowers and leafy plants surrounding the property. It was such a pretty sight and I took a moment to photograph them. 

The rain arrived each afternoon, but we made sure to enjoy the pool early in the day. When we decided to buy lobster and corn instead of heading to a restaurant on the pier, we got drenched when my son dropped us off at the door at Publix. Mom mentioned that if we had followed through with those plans and had parked then walked halfway down an ocean pier to the restaurant, we would have gotten even worse!

The meal was easy to cook, since I'd lived in New England for decades before moving south, although mom's two pots only fit one live lobster each. We had to cook the corn in a lobster bath. It was yummy and I was thrilled to see everyone happy and dry.

We drove back to where the weather was still sweltering close to 100 degrees, but knowing we had enjoyed ourselves and made each of us rekindle a good relationship with my mother is priceless.

I wish we have a pool here in Raleigh, but I can dream. 

In the meantime, I will continue to work on getting my next book ready for release.  

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Nancy Lee Badger

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