Friday, August 9, 2019

COVER REVEAL! Check Out the Next Book by Nancy Lee Badger

My next book is a deviation from the norm. Oh, it has firefighters and a beautiful New England setting, but no open-door sex. This is a Sweet Romance and i hope it will connect with many more readers. 

Book Blurb
A Manhattan businessman on a December vacation to Canada, is stuck in Boston due to a snow storm. Instead of waiting for another flight, he drives through the Vermont woods. Forced off the road, his rental ends up in a pond. When a firefighter sliding down the muddy slope to help him slams into him instead, his papers go flying and his phone disappears. Before he can complain, his mud-covered rescuer in firefighting bunker gear is a woman!

After a fire, her injured dad heads to the hospital and hands responsibility for the fire department to her. As acting Fire Chief, Elinor Danville offers the stranded stranger a ride. When she drops him at the Peabody Inn, Ellie explains that Snowflake Valley has no rental cars, taxis, or 5-star hotels Something about this suit-wearing rich guy grates on her nerves, but intrigues her. Unfortunately, her responsibilities include the upcoming Christmas Festival. The lack of snow could ruin everything.

Stuck in Snowflake Valley for several days, Bradley is swept up in the people, their volunteerism, their problems, and commitment to see that the Christmas Festival goes on no matter what. His interest in the town and a pretty firefighter makes Bradley come up with a few ideas of his own. By rescuing Christmas for Elinor and the townspeople, can he make her truly see him, and not the suited businessman only interested in going home?

What? A Christmas story in August? Well, not really. It will be available for pre-order next month then will officially release on October 15th. 

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