Friday, August 23, 2019

Favorite Summer Reads...and More!

I read a lot. Most is research because a writer writes better when they read what works. Writers, as a rule, do not copy the actual words in books they read, but get a sense of 'what works' and try to make them work in their own stories. 

I read lots of cozy mysteries, but don't write them. I also read quite a few regency historicals, but I have yet to publish mine (in the works!) I love stories about dragons, and have written several of my own. In fact, I created a whole series that I set in Scotland.

Highlanders? Love them and write about them, but the books I read that are written by others are always as different as night and day. Time travel romance and other paranormal romances get my motor running, which is why so many books by me use all these themes. Might I recommend these books for your end-of-summer reading?

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My next book is a little off is a sweet romance. Yes, there is sexual tension between adults, but they don't jump into bed by chapter three...or at the end. Romance and the awakening of feelings fills the book...think Hallmark TV movies. 

Rescuing Christmas is available for pre-order at an introductory price. Please take a moment to check it out HERE

p.s. Heaven-sent Highlander
is now available in print. Check it out on Amazon!

Nancy Lee Badger

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