Friday, May 24, 2019

Nancy Lee Badger Presents Author Renée Filippucci-Kotz

Renée Filippucci-Kotz, a fellow author from Raleigh, stopped by to share her latest children’s book. Take it away Renée!

Thanks for having me back, Nancy. My latest picture book is Smokey and Clover the Runaway Goat. While the story is fiction, Smokey was our wonderful Chow Chow. 

Book Blurb
You probably like to have adventures, don’t you?  Most of us do. But sometimes they are a bit more adventurous than we expect. One day Smokey’s person, Olivia, walks into the backyard with an animal Smokey has never seen before. On this sunny day, Smokey met Clover, a two-month old little goat. Little did Smokey know Clover would set off on her own adventure and he would have to rescue her.

Smokey, a friendly Chow Chow, was exploring his backyard when his person, Olivia, called him.
“Smokey,” said Olivia as she walked towards him. “I have a surprise for you.”
As Smokey trotted over to see the surprise, he saw a strange animal. It didn’t look like any cat or dog he’d met before.  It had floppy ears, a tiny tail, tan and white fur and very odd-looking feet. 
Sniff, sniff. “You don’t smell like anyone I’ve met before. What are you?” asked Smokey. 
“Maa, maa. I’m a baby goat,” said the animal. 
“Smokey,” said Olivia. “This is Clover.  She’s two months old and is going to stay with us while the shelter finds a nice farm for her home. I know how gentle you are with other animals so I want you to keep an eye on her.”Smokey gave Clover another sniff.  
“Well, Smokey,” said Olivia. “What do you think?”
Smokey walked around Clover.  Clover watched Smokey carefully.  She had seen a dog before, but didn’t know what to expect.  Finally, Smokey wagged his tail and gave Clover a great big kiss on her head.  
“Hey,” said Clover. “What do you think you’re doing?”
“I like you. I think we’ll be friends,” said Smokey.
“Not if you keep licking me on the head,” said Clover as she shook her head.

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More About the Author 
Renee has been telling stories to children since she began babying sitting at age 11. Renee became interested in writing for children while working with children in foster care. Her first children’s chapter book was AJ’s Wish (2016). Her second, Pepper’s Misadventure (2017) received honorable mention in the Carteret Writers Contest. Also, in 2017 she published her first picture book, Booker and the Stinky Smell.

In addition to publishing Smokey and Clover the Runaway goat last year, Renee just finished the third chapter book in the Amelia Jae series, Mystery at Camp Piney Woods.

When not writing, she enjoys reading, gardening, traveling and spending time with her husband and pets. They live in North Carolina. Connect with her here:

Website     Facebook     Twitter

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  1. Thankyou so much for sharing another new book with my readers!