Friday, May 10, 2019

Mother's Day in North Carolina

Mother's Day is a holiday I take to heart. After all, I am the mother of two awesome kids. My boys are grown and gone, living their own lives, but they still keep in touch. Unfortunately, I will not be able to share the day with them. 

Instead, I plan to eat wisely, take a short nap, and read a good book. I enjoy reading books almost as much as I enjoy writing them. 

My 26th release is Heaven-sent Highlander and I am currently writing the third book in the series, Heaven-sent Flame. These, along with Heaven-sent Warrior, are full-length books in my Warriors in Bronze series.

While I enjoy 'my' day, I will find a delicious snack. I might appreciate the lovely North Carolina weather with a possible visit to the NC Museum of Art. This is, after all, is where I set my series.

Then, I will continue reading some of the fantastic books on my book shelf. If YOU are looking for something to read, try one of these!

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Happy Mother's Day to 
mothers everywhere!

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  1. My Mother's Day will be a quiet time compared to those days when my girls were at home. Memories of the independent thinking drilled into me by my own mother will surround me. Happy Mother's Day to everyone.