Saturday, March 23, 2019

Hot News from Nancy Lee Badger

Hot news! I sat down, while helping Mom in Florida, and redesigned my website. It’s a one-stop place to see all my book titles and learn a little bit about me. Please check it out 

I just returned from spending 6 weeks in Florida. Dad passed away February 2nd and Mom was ill. She is much better, and I am back in Raleigh, NC with dear hubby and my muse, Blaze.

I kept writing while I was away...with my laptop on my lap while sitting in the hospital, or when Mom napped. Edits for Heaven-sent Highlander are complete and the book comes out in less than a month.

An outline and the first 10 chapters of my next book, Heaven-sent Flame, are complete and I will stay busy the next few months creating adventures for my characters.

I came up with several plot ideas and a bunch of scenarios, so I will get back to my writing. Thanks for following me!

Nancy Lee

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