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DRY SPELL a Contemporary Romance by Mia London and Susan Sheehey

Title: Dry Spell
Genre: Contemporary Romance  
Release Date:  August 1st

About Dry Spell: 
She believes in success. He believes in a carefree lifestyle.

Driven and work-obsessed, Samantha Callahan’s specialty is conquering a man’s world. With her next promotion within grasp, the one thing she lacks may be the very thing that gives her the edge she needs. A well-deserved vacation with her best friends may be overdue, but nothing will stand in the way of her success. Not even the gorgeous, unambitious surfer boy next door.

Beach hottie Chase Bradshaw ditched corporate America to follow his dreams of the stress-free salt life. When Sam walks onto his beach, he can practically see the uptight personality oozing from her pores. The woman desperately needs something other than work to keep her up at night. He’s just the man to coax the vixen out of her.

Lucky for her, Chase just happens to surf as well as he sizzles in the bedroom.

Teaser Excerpt:
   Zac’s hands cupped her jaw and caressed her neck as the hunger in his kiss grew. She swung her arms around his torso and let herself be consumed by him. By his passion. His desperation. Her heart thundered. He tunneled his hands between their bodies, breaking the kiss only long enough to whip her top over her head. Without ceremony, he unclasped her bra and sent it flying. He stepped back, out of reach, taking her in. His eyes darkened with lust. Sam basked in his approval. 
   “Take down your hair, Samantha.” The words held a tone of request. She knew everything she did was her choice. She unwound the hair tie holding her braid in place, then. Then finger-combed some of the braid loose. “More. All of it down.” She briefly pinched her brows together, then lifted her arms, and weaving her fingers at her scalp, briskly ruffled her hair loose.
“Perfect. Hold it right there.” Sam swallowed. She stood before him, naked from the waist up, with her hands at the top of her head. His right hand caressed her blonde locks, pulling them forward. Repeating that several times, he watched them fall over her breasts. The back of his hand smoothed over her breast to her nipple. She inhaled. With both hands, he toyed with her nipples, seemingly fascinated by their response . . . peaked and as hard as diamonds. Then he leaned forward and captured one in his mouth. She gasped. His warm mouth felt divine, sucking and lapping at her. He stepped back again to savor her. His voice turned rough with desire. “Samantha, you are a goddess.”

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Working together to create Sweet Escape:
Let me tell you how it all started. J
Susan and I were traveling to a book signing 3 hours away for our homes. I was driving, and she’d just closed the lid to her laptop and said, “What a satisfying sound. Who would ever own a tablet when you couldn’t slam the lid shut?”
I agreed, and asked, “But is she slamming the lid because she’d mad or she’s happy? Like she just did something great and her boss was going to be proud.”
And there was the catalyst for the entire series.
As with any writer’s mind, once the creativity flows it’s hard to turn off. We talked, plotted, came up with characters, and plotted some more on the return trip. At one point, I turned to Susan and said, “You know. This needs to be a series.”
We met, texted, chatted and brainstormed. One person would write and the other would in turn edit that section. We flip-flopped like that through the entire 3-book series. We each had areas of expertise that definitely complimented each other, and created a well-rounded series—steamy, entertaining, funny. It was such a fun and rewarding experience! We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

About Mia:
About Susan:

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