Friday, November 10, 2017

Finding Forever by Featured Author Nika Rhone

Finding Forever is the second book in the Boulder Bodyguards series, although it can be read as a standalone story. A contemporary romance with suspense elements, it follows Amelia, the quietest of the trio of friends dubbed the “Royal Court.” If you haven’t read the first book, What the Lady Wants, yet, it’s on sale for only .99 through Nov 16th.

Book Blurb:

Amelia Westlake is about to marry the wrong man. The only thing to do when her rich and powerful fiancé refuses to accept her change of heart is hide out until the dreaded day is long past. If only the bodyguard chosen to go with her wasn’t so intriguing. And thoughtful. And sexy. Daryl Raintree is starting to see a whole new side to the Westlake Princess while they’re forced together on his parent’s remote horse ranch. No longer the timid mouse, she’s becoming a woman learning her own worth. Even knowing it can only end badly, neither of them seems able to stop the attraction they feel. But not everyone is content to let Amelia ruin their plans. With the clock ticking, she’ll have to decide if she’s willing to give up everything she has in order to gain everything she’s ever wanted.

Excerpt from Finding Forever

The kiss he brushed over her cheek was soft and chaste, and still it made her heart zing. She stared up at him, uncertain if he was going to kiss her again, praying he would, knowing he shouldn’t. So she surprised them both when she went up on her toes and pressed her mouth to his instead. At first he did nothing. Then, just as the doubts wormed their way in and she was about to pull away, he put his hand on the back of her head and took over the kiss.
Oh. My. God.
That was Amelia’s last coherent thought as Daryl’s mouth plundered hers. His lips were soft and firm and definitely knew their way around a kiss. When his tongue delved into her mouth to brush against hers, she moaned, and when his arms came around her body and pulled her flush against him, she was pretty sure she whimpered. He felt so good. Better than the pillow she’d hugged all night long, that was for sure. Far from being soft and lumpy, he was hard and strong and giving off enough heat to keep her warm forever.
Not satisfied to play a passive role in the kiss, Amelia slid her arms around his neck and angled her head a touch more, allowing her to deepen the kiss and draw a sound of either pleasure or surprise from Daryl. He broke from her mouth and rained a flurry of kisses over her cheek and down her throat while his hands roamed restlessly down her back. His mouth had just reached the upper curve of her breast when Kim’s voice calling from the living room froze them both like a dash of cold water.
Amelia and Daryl stared at each other, breathing hard. Slowly, as though he had to convince himself to do it, Daryl released his hold on her and took a step back, then another. She was glad he still had enough functioning brain cells to act because everything she had was mush at the moment, totally destroyed by that kiss.
Oh, God, that kiss!
Daryl shook his head. “That will not happen again,” he rasped. Retreating to the door, he turned back to add, “And you’re not leaving.” He shut the door with a definitive snap.
Amelia stared at where he’d been for a long second before collapsing back onto the bed, her legs feeling like they’d turned to pudding. “Wow.”
As for Daryl’s assertions, well, he was dead wrong on them both. She was going to find a way to get to Texas and keep everyone safe doing it. And that kiss would definitely happen again before she left.


Nika Rhone spent her childhood wearing out library cards as she read her way through the extraordinary worlds far beyond her small hometown on Long Island, NY. By her teens, her imagination was taking her places all on its own, forcing her to learn how to type (badly) so she could get all the stories down on paper. After a long love affair with science fiction and fantasy, she finally discovered romance, fell head-over-heels, and now spends her days crafting happily-ever-afters for the characters who still tell their stories faster (and better) than she can type them. Connect with Nika here:

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