Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nancy Lee Badger Reminds Us that April 22nd is EARTH DAY

Years ago, in my other life working at Rand's Hardware in Plymouth, New Hampshire, I devised a way to get kids interested in Earth Day AND their local hardware store.

We ran a coloring contest, and invited the children (along with their parents) to post the finished art work in our store's front windows. Their name, grade, and school were listed on the back. 

After Earth Day passed, three schools were chosen a winner based on several randomly selected pictures, and the winning school was awarded with a wheelbarrow filled with gardening tools, potting soil, gloves, flower seeds, and much more. These rural New Hampshire schools would use the items to brighten their school's property.

Working together with the schools was a delight! The kids were so excited to see their pictures in the window, and more than a few parents came to shop our store when they never had in the past.

This Earth Day, I will finish sprucing up my yard here in sunny North Carolina, and enjoy the birds, butterflies, and deer that find our urban property to their liking!

What will you do to celebrate our planet?


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