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Nancy Lee Badger Interviews Author Theda Hudson

Theda Hudson stopped by to share a few intimate details of her life as well as her book, Dirty Little Dare. This *Spicy Romance* was released April 24, 2015. Please tell my readers a little bit about this book.

Theda- This book is the second of three novellas about a rule-bound woman and the sensual man sees her potential and wants to create the perfect lover by releasing her from her rules. In the first book he shows her how she can set aside the rules and enjoy her sexuality by putting on a mask. In the second book she has discovered that she does have interests she would like to explore from behind that mask and gets more than she bargained for. In the third book, the mask has taken over the relationship and everything is at risk unless they can find a way to step out into the light of their love and explore their desires openly.

Nancy- Describe the genre of this particular title, and is it the only genre you write in?  

Theda- It is spicy romance, soft erotica, very sensual.
Nancy- Do you have any rejection stories to share?

Theda- My favorite rejection was for a story I submitted for an anthology.  She kept it for a long time.  When she sent the email, she said, "I held it out to the very end.  Then I bought the other one."  I didn't understand what it meant until I went to a workshop where the editor mentioned that the longer they hold it, the more they want it and sometimes it is a heart breaking decision between two stories.  I am sorry I didn't get in, but I am happy my work caused her so much angst.
Nancy- Are you a member of any writing organizations and, if so, have they helped?

Theda- I belong to Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. This organization has helped me grow as a writer through mentoring, relationships, and workshops. I highly recommend their conference, Colorado Gold, held in September,  for any level writer.

Nancy- Will you share some encouraging words for authors still struggling for that first contract?
Theda- Know what you are looking at. If you don't understand what you are reading, get help.  Really.  It is the difference between success and sometimes a horrible financial quagmire.

Nancy- Please Share three fun facts about you that most people don’t know. 

1)  I love to camp in our cute 1955 renovated trailer, but getting there terrifies me with all the crazy people on the road. 
2) I love to make recycled/repurposed art and I save everything so I can create art.
3)  I would love to nap the way my boyfriend does.  Just sit down and close your eyes, snuggled under a soft blanket and doze off.  But it doesn't work that way for me.

Nancy- What’s next for you?

Theda- I have two novels that are the beginning of series.  One is Paranormal Hetero Erotica, the other is Urban Paranormal Lesbian Erotica.  Gotta get moving on the next books!

BOOK BLURB  of Dirty Little Dare
A beautiful mask
A coil of rope
A daring man
A woman intent on exploring her desires, one twist, one knot, one braid of the rope, all the way to ecstasy.

Tasha's boyfriend proved to her that his "Love to Make You Come as Many Ways as I Can" book makes more sense and more pleasure for both of them than her book of rules.

And as long as she wears the mask he's given her, she finds that his way has definite delights she's willing to explore.

By the time Halloween rolls around, she's made some deliciously naughty discoveries of her own, including Japanese Bondage. She takes him to the local sex club's kinky Halloween party with a plan for a bondage scene.

Excerpt of Dirty Little Dare

     My life is comfortable and very pleasant. Everything is just the way I like it. A great job as a project manager that allows me complete control and makes me good money, a nice house that I spend a lot of time decorating and organizing just so, a boyfriend who is handsome, successful, and reasonably interesting. And he’s lasted for more than six months, which is some kind of record for me.
     Except that Luiz Silva isn’t what I thought he was. I mean, he’s still handsome. Not like a model, and not so self-conscious about it. No, he’s Latin, with nutmeg-brown skin and flashing dark eyes that sparkle with humor. He isn’t touchie-feelie either, which I like, because I hate public displays of affection. They’re just crass and embarrassing, with everyone making assumptions about you.
     He’s successful, savvy about money. He’s given me several investment tips that proved to be quite lucrative.
     But he is far more interesting than I ever thought. And determined to break all my rules.
     Oh, I know I have a lot of them. Rules are what protect me from mistakes; they give me security, and provide boundaries and order in my life.
     I also know that a lot of guys won’t play by my rules. I’ve gotten fairly good at figuring out who will work out and who won’t. It makes for a lonely life, but I have my work and my house. And my rules remain intact. I am calm and steady, which is comfortable.
     When I met Luiz at a client appreciation cocktail party, he was polite, very well-educated, driven at his work as a junior portfolio manager for a private equity firm. Even though he was a little disappointed that my rules followed me into bed, he seemed to accept it after he discovered he couldn’t budge me. Missionary was good enough for me and, with the lights out, I didn’t have to worry about all the squishy details.
     Wine tasting was about as cultured as he got, but if you wanted to ride bikes or ski, he was your man. But theater and the symphony…he said I could just shoot him then and there to save him the torture.
     So, I knew how important it was when he bought the dress and the four–inch–high heels that now sit on the shelf above the dress, and offered to go to the symphony with me if I would wear them to go out with him. He wanted to slum, he said.
     I thought he meant, oh, I don’t know, going out to a sleazy bar and shooting pool. Except for the black satin dress. It was beautiful, pencil thin, with a mandarin collar and an ornate soutache across the chest, the hem falling just below my knees with a kick pleat at the back.
     I could have gone for an evening in a sleazy bar, I suppose. Luiz is sexy and tender in bed, always polite and willing to let me have my way. I had just about decided that he was nice—a little boring, but nice, which is the same as safe in my book.
     Then he said he wanted to offer a deal. If I’d wear the dress and go on an adventure with him, go along completely and wholeheartedly, he would go to the symphony and make a donation to the fundraiser.
     I hardly got to think that through when he said he loved me.
     The woman with all the rules.
     I just kept staring at him, in part because he was wearing those black jeans that somehow made his crotch bulge in a most attractive and embarrassingly stimulating way. Of course, now I realize he was aroused, thinking about what he had planned.
     Then he said I could duck out anytime, but he wouldn’t see me anymore if I did. I thought he was being a real jerk, but now I know he believed he couldn’t be the straight man for me any longer. And he couldn’t allow me to be a straightlaced woman anymore, even if it meant he had to learn now to be the man who could force me to confront rules and prove them wrong.
     In that moment, I realized I couldn’t see my life without him in it.
     So I plucked up my courage, and put on the dress and the shoes. He has a good eye. The dress fit me as if it had been made for me. The satin slipped over my body, and together it and the black hose whispered to each other every time I moved, sensually hinting at more than lazy eyes, soft caresses, and sly winks.

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Theda Hudson's deliciously wicked short fiction has appeared in Best Lesbian Erotica 2011 and 2015, Best Lesbian Romance 2011 and 2012, Best Women's Erotica 2007, Sex in San Francisco, Pirate Booty, and Best S/M III.  Her novels include Dyke Valiant, an erotic lesbian urban paranormal, and The Pearl Witch and Lord of the Broken Tower, both hetero erotic science fiction. She lives in Colorado with four rescued cats, 1000 books, and an understanding partner.  She likes to use her writing to share things women don’t usually get to talk about. You can find more about her at

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