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Nancy Lee Badger Welcomes Author Kathryn Royce-Martin

One author's journey : The Prophecy Series - Kathryn Royce-Martin
Hi everyone, my name is Kathryn Royce-Martin and I'm here today to tell you a little about myself and my debut novel Prophecy Unravelled. Before I start, I wanted to say a big thank you to Nancy Lee Badger for having me as her guest.

So, to begin,  you should know that I'm addicted to rugged, sexy heroes, in my books that is, as long as there's also a strong and beautiful heroine supporting them, however, trouble along the way is a given and so much fun to write!

Just to let you know a little about myself, my family came to Australia from the U.K. in 1962. We lived in the migrant hostel "Silver City' for a short while, while my father looked for work. Someone told him that there was work in Geelong and we journeyed on the train to stay briefly with the friend of a friend for a while until we were able to purchase a home.

Being the youngest of three children, I would spend hours as a young child making up stories in my head.  I always asked for a book for Christmas and remember the first time that I read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. My family wasn't particularly well off so I had to wait for my birthday for the next in the series and Christmas for the next and so on. This was the beginning of my lifelong love of reading.

At secondary school, I was one of those nerds who loved the Library! I also loved English classes, especially when we were given a reading task or a prompt to write to and I won a number of awards for my stories.

Now, I'm all grown up, well maybe! I only read what I enjoy. If a story doesn't grab me within the first few pages I find it hard to continue reading, that's what I aspire to in my writing, to grab the reader from the outset.

My claim to fame is that I went to school with Isobelle Carmody - Of Obernewtyn fame...
Oh, and I've met Richard Dean Anderson at OzComicon!!!!! :-)

I've thought about writing a manuscript for many years, but put my writing aspirations on hold several times during my life for a variety of reasons, not least of which was a lack of confidence that my work would be good enough for others to read

So, to that end, I located and undertook numerous online writing courses with the wonderful Terry Spear. With Terry's help and encouragement both my writing and confidence improved.

Once again I began work on my novel, this time with a clear picture of my goal and the storyline in my head. My final inspiration to actually knuckle down was watching The Adventures of Merlin, although that had a most dissatisfying end and I vowed that my stories would always end happily, one way or another.

So, inspired by an image of my favourite Knight, Sir Gwaine, played by the Irish actor, Eoin Macken, Prophecy Unravelled began to flow onto the page with a working title of The Golden Stone. I connected with Eoin on Twitter and shared my inspiration with him. He was very supportive and it was enough, with everything else, to make me determined to have my manuscript published.

The characters grew as I wrote. I always knew that I wanted the story to revolve around a heroine, but in the end, several of the main characters shared the limelight with Tarienne. Tarienne evolved into a  complex blend of fierce and vulnerable, a powerful, yet sensual and loving Fae princess who becomes the glue holding the men she cares about together during their difficult quest to return the balance of magic to the Kingdom of Therin.

Before Prophecy Unravelled was finished, I'd edited the entire manuscript around 5 times. My beta readers were amazing, providing suggestions and constructive criticism and finally it was finished.
So here I am, excited that I achieved my initial goal and well on the way toward finishing Secret Alpha, the next story in the Prophecy Series.

Prince Aidan’s life was mapped out. He would be the King of Therin when his father died. He would protect the people, lead the army to fight for the Kingdom and he liked to think that he would be remembered for his skills as a warrior and strategist.

The arrival of Tarienne at Castle Therin changed everything. In the space of three years, she had managed to turn his world upside down, challenging everything Aidan believed in.

Charged with protecting Prince Aidan so that he could fulfill a prophecy that he knew nothing of, Tarienne didn’t expect to become friend and confidante, nor be part of a ruse, feigning courtship with the classically handsome Prince. Despite her relationship with Aidan, the passion that Daien, Aidan’s dearest friend and one of the King’s Guards, ignites within Tarienne from the moment they meet, complicates her life at court.
Can she keep her magical abilities a secret, maintain the pretence of loving Aidan, convince him of his role in the prophecy, and, make the breathtakingly handsome warrior, Daien, aware of her interest, all under the ever watchful scrutiny of an unforgiving King, who is vehemently opposed to magic?

Tarienne called out, her heart pounding with terror as she searched the battlefield for Aidan and Daien, unable to find them in the aftermath of the bloody conflict. Her stomach churned at the sight of broken and bleeding bodies strewn across the battle field. The river ran red with the blood of the dead and dying. Her face dripped with tears, shed for the soldiers she knew, their limp, lifeless bodies, crumpled on the muddy ground. Never to return to their loved ones. Was anyone left alive?
Suddenly she spotted him, the lifeless body of Daien, his battle garb slick with his own blood, his brown eyes open, empty of the warmth and laughter that had lived there. She cried out, rushing to him. She almost slipped in the slimy mixture of blood and mud as she navigated around the corpses. The stench of death threatened to overwhelm her as she sank to her knees at Daien's side. Her body racked with sobs as she grasped at his now ice cold hand. She flung herself over his chest, "NO, NO, NO." She screamed and couldn't stop.
Tarienne woke in a cold sweat, her heart pounding. Sitting bolt upright in bed, she fought to retain the contents of her stomach. Her breath coming in short gasps, it took her a few moments to realise it had been a nightmare. Not real. She shivered despite the first shafts of warm sunlight peeking through the edges of the heavy curtains that covered the thick glass windows. Wrapping her arms around herself, she shook her head to dispel the disturbing images. A tear escaped, trickling down her cheek. It felt too real.

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What's next?:
What's next for me? Well, I'm currently writing the second book in the Prophecy series, entitled Secret Alpha. This follows the story of the wolf changeling, Tere from Prophecy Unravelled. 

I'm also working on a time travel romance with a working title of Second Chances, that deviates from my usual paranormal genre but began forming in my brain a while ago. I took the opportunity to put pen to paper, so to speak, recently when I had a bit of a brain freeze about  Tere's story which is now all moving along nicely, evolving into a suspenseful tale of hardship, love and loss. Tere's story is at times heart wrenching, the tale of a young cub raised in violence and fear, whose strength and compassion rises against all odds.

Next will be Raef's story, Tarienne's brother and the Crown Prince of the Fae Kingdom of Darewood. Raef is a powerful and handsome Fae warrior who has a dark secret that he fears will drive away the only woman he has ever loved...stay tuned. :-)

About the author:
Kathryn's love of reading and writing started in her school years, where she earned many awards for her poetry and short stories. On leaving school, Kathryn put aside her dream of being a journalist, opting instead
for the more stable choice of a nursing career. When fate brought her to a job in a Library, her dreams were rekindled, but put on hold to raise her family. She contented herself with reading widely, always searching for new authors' works to devour. From Narnia to the Lord of the Rings, magic, shifters and highland romances, her printed book collection is one of her greatest treasures, although she also loves to read works downloaded to her kindle. She has undertaken many online writing courses.
Kathryn works full time as a Librarian in a University Library in Victoria, Australia. She lives with her husband, grown-up children, two dogs named Daisy and Milly, an aging Chinchilla x Persian cat, called Matilda and a canary with the perplexing name of Roy.

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