Sunday, October 19, 2014

No Saggy Middles, please!

When writing a novel, I worry about the dreaded 'saggy middle'. An exciting first chapter, pitfalls, cliffhangers, battle scenes, and a satisfying ending are easier to write than the middle of a book...but the story cannot bog down. Keeping the characters interesting is tough, so I like to peel back the layers, letting their feelings out. Here is an example taken from the middle of the book:

In this Scottish time travel romance, my heroine is a veterinarian. After a grueling day at her animal clinic, Jenny has arrived back at her apartment. One man, Rae Wilson who followed her back in time, accompanied her in order to protect her from evil forces, while the other-Gavin Sinclair, also from ancient Scotland-remained at home.

   Her apartment house never looked so good. As Jenny pulled into the lot near her building, relief and weariness overcame her. She was dog-tired. She laughed, because after all the dogs she handled today, no wonder her arms shook. Rae opened her car door, startling her. He held out his hand, and she grabbed it like a lifeline.
   “Thanks. After the day I’ve had, I need the lift.” Pulled to her feet, she sighed.
   “Then allow me.”
   Swept into his arms, she shrieked, laughing at the joke. She’d asked for it. “Do you plan to carry me all the way inside?”
   “Nay, he will set ye on yer feet this minute!” boomed a voice from the direction of her apartment door. Gavin stood with his fists on the hips of his low-riding jeans, his glare boring into her like a super-heated drill. His heaving chest, barely contained by the black tank top, outlined every sinewy muscle.
   “I said, set her down.”
   Gavin’s second warning was more of a throaty growl. A shiver raced along her spine, but Rae laughed, set Jenny on her feet, and kissed the tip of her nose. Gavin’s wordless growl was both terrifying, and romantic.

Release Day for My Dark Highlander is right around the corner.

Here is the Book Blurb:

Stranded in 1603 Scotland, veterinarian Jenny Morgan is eager to get home to New England. Hiding her ability to read auras, a powerful witch comes to her aid. All Jenny will miss is the man who stole her heart, one dark night. 

Laird Gavin Sinclair has a missing brother, a murderous father, and a dark-eyed beauty on his mind. When Jenny returns to a dangerous future, he sets aside his obligations and searches for her at the New England Highland Games. Jealousy and lust ravage his dark soul, until he and Jenny fight evil together. 

Hope you are looking forward to this book's release as much as I am!
Nancy Lee

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