Friday, September 19, 2014

Scottish Myths in the Landscape

I am on the road volunteering at the New Hampshire Highland Games and Festival in Lincoln, NH. This Scottish gathering of the clans and athletic competition is an annual trek, yet Scotland is in the news:

Scotland is a lovely country. The hills, moors, and deep-water lochs are beautiful, but unexplained observations such as thunder, lightning, and the movement of planets, are the basis of many Scottish folktales. These word-of-mouth explanations have changed with the frequency of their telling which is why one myth could have many different descriptions or endings.

Fairies, brownies, and Scottish bogles are believed to live across the land.The distinctive features of Scottish folklore are filled with the characteristics of Scotland’s varied scenery. Serene mountain lochs, tiny creeks, the harsh splendor of the mountains, and the solitude of the moor. These are all reflected in their folk tales and myths. 

I simply think the land is beautiful and whether their people
gain independence from Great Britain September 18th or not, it is a world apart. Slainte!

Nancy Lee

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