Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hurricane Season is Nothing to Laugh About

"Singing in the rain" can quickly turn to "Drowning in the tidal surge" so I have listed a few reminders to help you put together a basic hurricane kit...something that can keep you alive and well if the power fails, or can travel with you if you are urged to relocate. (remember Katrina?)

*water for 3 days per person
*first aid kit & prescription meds
*food: non-perishable bags or cans & a can opener
*flashlights AND batteries
*pet food and a pet carrier or leash
*Books, print ones too in case the power runs down on your Kindle, Nook, or iPad*
Wind damage to our fence

Secure your home. High winds can do a lot of damage.
*Cover windows with shutters or wood
*trim trees and clear rain gutters
*bring in outdoor items like chairs & grills  
*Stay away from non-covered windows

Power Outages
*Make sure your vehicles' tanks are full. Gas pumps need power
*Fill a bathtub with water for washing and making the toilet flush
*Turn your frig down and freeze as many items as can fit
*ATMs will not work without power. Stock up on cash
*Charge your cell phones
*Again, stock up on paperback power needed!

These are just a few reminders. Listen to the Weather Stations and be prepared.

Nancy Lee
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