Friday, August 22, 2014

Dragons and Dragonflies

I read a recent article in my local paper titled "Flameless Dragons'. It was a story about dragonflies, their habitat, and how these innocent creatures have been burdened with a bad rap. People used to think they would bite you and transmit disease. Nonsense!

When I lived on a pond that connected to Lake Winnisquam, back in New Hampshire, dragonflies were in abundance but I never worried about them. They flitted between the deep grass beside the pond, to my lawn chair while I fished from our dock. I loved watching them, especially when the sunlight highlighted the rainbow of colors in their wings.
Lake Winnisquam
I love dragons in the same sense that I do not fear them. No, I have never met one face-to-face, but I would not mind it if I did. I have even written stories where they appear. How much easier it would be to interview a real, live Scottish dragon!

These legendary creatures are typically pictured as having serpent-like or reptilian traits. Dragons are featured in the myths of cultures spanning the globe. But, dragons are a myth, right? 

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Have a great weekend...summer is almost over!
Nancy Lee

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