Thursday, July 31, 2014


“I honor my personality flaws. 
Without them, I’d have 
no personality at all.”
–Margot Black, comedian

I am deep in edits of my second book in my Kilted Athletes Through Time series. 

My Dark Highlander is a spicy Scottish Time Travel romance.

Here is a short excerpt:
   “I’ll miss you too, squirt.” Jake’s arms squeezed her breathtakingly close, then loosened.
   Fighting to quash the prickle of tears, Jenny stepped out of his brawny arms. She kissed his cheek, then cupped his chin and rubbed her thumb over his bottom lip.
   From the corner of her eye, a tall, kilted Highlander marched toward them. Though his windblown hair partially hid his eyes, he aimed his scowl at her.
   “Dear Lord.”
   “What’s wrong?” Jake asked. He must have noticed she was staring past him. He turned.
   The approaching warrior’s dark plaid had a purplish tint, reminding her of New Hampshire lilacs growing near her home. He’d belted the colorful wool low on his waist and draped a section over one shoulder. A brilliant amethyst brooch pinned it in place. A simple black leather sporran hung over his groin, and black boots cupped his thick, muscular calves. The sleeves of his black linen shirt billowed in the breeze.
   “That looks like a pirate’s shirt,” she whispered.
   “Argh,” Jake answered, then laughed.
   She slapped his arm. When she turned back, Gavin was racing toward them. His scowl erupted into a roar, and he pulled a dirk from the short sword’s leather scabbard at his hip.
   Jake grabbed Balfour’s reins, then shoved Jenny behind him. “Stay back!”
   A scream clawed at Jenny’s throat. She attempted to inhale a deep breath, but Gavin’s growl made her stop.
   “Stay out of this, wench.”
   Frozen in mid-breath, all she could do was gawk. How dare he...
   “ ‘Tis between this Sassenach and myself.”
   Jake dropped Balfour’s reins. “I’m not an Englishman, Sinclair. I’m an American. You have no beef with me.”
   “Ye kissed a young, unmarried lass in public, ye fool. Do ye wish to be leg-shackled in the blink of an eye?
Much more to come!
Nancy Lee

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