Sunday, May 25, 2014

What denotes a Hero? - by Nancy Lee Badger

A hero or heroine (or a novel's hero/shero) 
refers to a fictional or historical character that displays courage and sometimes self sacrifice. Heroism is performed for the greater good, but in a romance novel things can heat up fast.

Stories of heroism may serve as moral examples. Hero worship can be a good thing or a bad thing. Many romance novels draw the reader in with descriptive paragraphs filled with the virtues of the hero, but some heroes are close to the edge of evil…until they meet the woman of their dreams.

Today’s romance novels are filled with action, adventure, intimacy, family, intrigue and a lot more. Happy Ever After is a must, yet the hero and heroine’s journey to get to that point takes twists and turns. Some we call black moments. Others are simple heartache. Through it all, the hero and heroine comes through thriving.

My dad is my hero. 
Raising three little girls could drive any sane man nuts. We traveled cross country, had adventures which included traipsing about national parks and swimming in the ocean, learning new things, and witnessing him living his life loving our mom. 

I am thankful for my Dad.

He served in the Navy during WW2. I am thankful that, at 88 years young, he is alive and enjoying life. However, we must remember those who have fallen in service to their country. 

This Memorial Day, fly the flag and remember.

Here are a few of my family and my husband's family who served, but are no longer with us:
Lt.Col. Paul R Badger      Survived Vietnam/Korea/WW2
Cpt. Lester Bean Badger  Survived WW2 and WW1
Lt. Dorothea E. Sawyer    Survived WW2
Sp4 Bruce Lyle Badger    died in Vietnam
Lt. David Lee Johnson     died in WW2
David Ryder Johnson       Survived WW1
Sgt. Richard Ayers            died in WW2
Pvt. Gerald Ayers             died in WW2
Cpl. Enoch H. Lee            died in the Civil War
Pvt. Brownell W. Lee       wounded in the Civil War
Pvt. Joseph A. Bean         died in the Civil War

Nancy Lee

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