Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cats, Dogs, & Veterans...Oh MY!

Dad is out of the hospital and back among his veteran buddies at the Daytona Beach VA Home, and we enjoyed several opportunities to visit him. Among the delights of the place, beside the areas available to the residents to play cars, watch TV, or stroll around the grounds are the special guardians of the group home.

Cats, dogs, birds, and fish.

The birds live in a huge birdcage near the main entrance and chirp and sing when you walk by (or, in the case of the majority of the residents, wheel by). The gigantic fishtank is also there in the main drag.

The cats and dogs are another issue. They run free! Well, run is not the term I would normally use. The few dogs we see when we visit are small and have minds of their own. The cats are more friendly. One, in fact, fell in love with my sister's purse! He was happy to sit on it or lie beside it while we played cards with my dad.

Dad is a Navy veteran and the home is a Godsend for Mom. He is cared for and fed VERY well. Love you, Dad!


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