Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Goodbye Nora Ephron

Today's newspaper sidebar (something I scan quickly...would rather get back to my writing) stopped me, cold. It simply said "Ephron, writer of 'When Harry Met Sally' dies."

I recognized the name. I recalled the 1989 movie. I read the entire article by Adam Berstein.

I had to read more about Nora, who shared a first name with one of my favorite romance writers. Seems she passed away at 71 after three Oscar nominations and a life spent 'in the movies'.

I did not realize she wrote screenplays for some of my favorite movies. Besides WHMS, there was 'Silkwood', You've Got Mail' (though I always hated the title), and 'Julie & Julia'.

She is called a rare combination of writer, director, and producer and her work will be missed.

Cut! That's a wrap, Nora Ephron


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