Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The dairies and cash expenditure booklets came to us through my husband's family, and when our son visited the other day, he and I started sorting them. The astonished look on his face as he read the writer's name and the date, made me realize we'd found treasure!

I want to share these snippets of daily life, mostly in northern New England, and far from the 'easy life' we live today. Enjoy! Comments welcome.

Spinning yarn

Nov. 30, 1887
I go to see G, have a minute to spin 2 skeins. Beautiful day, would like to go.
Lodema Kingsbury Bean Folsom (age 60)
*she remarried after Joseph Abner Bean died in the Civil War

Nov. 30, 1923 South Fairlee, VT
Began raining middle of night and poured all day. R. & H. got breakfast & all churn 33# butter. I help & clean up things. Lester*, Lillian, & Paul drive up from Windsor in the rain, get here at noon. Awfully glad to see them. I mend & c. an keep H’s room. Nice letter from Jessie.
*Lester is her son, Lillian is Lester’s wife, & Paul is my late father-in-law
Eva Bean Badger (age 60)

Nov. 30, 1937 West Fairlee, VT
24˚a. Pleasant. R.* goes out with rifle in a.m. I sweep & dust mop. Jessie, May & daughter Rachel drive in just before 11, find me ironing curtains. They help me get them up. They bring tripe, angle (sic) cake, pt. oysters & crackers. Also grapes, go with venison, potatoes & pie & bread so we have plenty to eat. Have nice visit. Company leaves about 3:30. So glad to see our dear friends.
*R is her son Ralph.
Eva Bean Badger (age 74)
Nov. 30, 1971 Peterboro, NH
We get meals & that is about all. Get nice letter from Paul. 40˚ max. (note on this date printed in diary says “Have you ordered your diary for 1972?’ Have it.
*Paul is my late father-in-law.
Lester Bean Badger (age 78)

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