Monday, November 21, 2011


While cleaning out a small room next to the kitchen, searching for my turkey roaster pan, I stumbled across a storage bin filled with musty journals. Packed away through two house moves, I knew they were there. Unfortunately, I never seemed to find the time to really look at them.

The dairies and cash expenditure booklets came to us through my husband's family, and when our son visited the other day, he and I started sorting them. The astonished look on his face as he read the writer's name and the date, made me realize we'd found treasure!

I want to share these snippets of daily life, mostly in northern New England, and far from the 'easy life' we live today. Enjoy! Comments welcome.


Nov 21 1872 Wheelock, VT
Pleasant and not very cold. Going down to Freemans to see Esther is quite slim with a cold. Dutton came to hire a teacher. Eva gone home with Julia Knit most a mitten
Lodema Kingsbury Bean Folsom  (age 45)
*she remarried after Joseph Abner Bean died in the Civil War

Nov 21 1879 Wheelock, VT
Cold wind blows, hard snow flies all over. Sick. Harvey gone up to Mr. Nutts. Me cut and salt the pork.
Lodema Kingsbury Bean Folsom  (age 52)

Nov 21 1900 Danville, VT
Cloudy, warm. R. harlowe (sic) in a.m.  I clean shed-room. F + boys chop. 3 p.m. rain + severe wind, some thunder.
Ralph Badger  (age 11)

Nov 21 1909 Danville, VT 
Cloudy and warm Snow all gone. F & L putter around barn all a.m. I write to Eliza.  
Eva Lodema Badger (age 46)

Nov 21 1932 Pittsfield, NH
Cloudy + cold. Chichester in a.m. Pittsfield in p.m. P teacher meeting at 4 to plan PTA mtg. Work until 2:35 a.m. +24˚
Lester Bean Badger (age 39)
* my husband's grandfather, who I met in 1973

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