Sunday, November 27, 2011


The dairies and cash expenditure booklets came to us through my husband's family, and when our son visited the other day, he and I started sorting them. The astonished look on his face as he read the writer's name and the date, made me realize we'd found treasure!

I want to share these snippets of daily life, mostly in northern New England, and far from the 'easy life' we live today. Enjoy! Comments welcome.


Nov. 27 1874, West Wheelock, VT
Warmer. Wm & Harvey gone to Greensboro. Alin Ingalls & boy called here. Looks like rain.
*Wm is her 2nd husband, William. Harvey is her son by Joseph Bean.
Lodema Kingsbury Bean Folsom (age 47)
*she remarried after Joseph Abner Bean died in the Civil War
West Wheelock, Vermont

Nov. 27, 1888
Aggie washing. I knit some, cut Wm pants and go work in chamber, colder.
Lodema Kingsbury Bean Folsom (age 61)
*she remarried after Joseph Abner Bean died in the Civil War

Nov. 27, 1914 South Fairlee, VT
Warm. Pleasant. Dad and I drive to Ordway place in a.m. deer hunting but see nothing but one doe. Get home at noon. I develop pictures in p.m. and we lead heifer to Turner’s. Dad & mother drive with me to station at 7:35, Arrive here at 8:45 p.m.
Lester Bean Badger (age 21)

Nov. 27, 1925 South Fairlee, VT
28˚a. Begins to snow before 7 a.m. and keeps it up all day. High wind. F. & R. get ready for woods but storm prevents so they go with cutter & F. gets chains & bolts at Wilson’s. R. goes for feed. Bertha came with him and sweep his room and mend. Take things easy. Finish letter to Mrs. Nobb that I began last Tuesday. Card from Lillian.
*F is her husband Frank (actually Benjamin Franklin Badger) R is her son Ralph, Lillian Robinson is son Lester’s wife.
Eva Bean Badger (age 62)

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