Friday, December 27, 2019

After the Gifts are Unwrapped...

The biggest holiday of the year is just a memory, but with the New Year revelry just around the corner, now is the time to look back and enjoy 2019. Bright lights, fireworks, and crowds are the norm, but I look forward to a quiet night watching the North Carolina Acorn drop. I write books with Scottish characters, so I will celebrate Hogmanay (New Year's Eve) my way.

I want to share my good fortune. Another royalty check just came through the door with last minute Christmas greetings, my health is better, and we have enough leftover food in the frig to survive any apocalypse. So, my recent ebook, Rescuing Christmas, is on sale until January 5th for only $.99 (US)

I am also giving away a prize CLICK HERE to one lucky winner. Quail Ridge Books is my local independent bookstore. They carry thousands of titles including my own Heaven-sent Warrior and Heaven-sent Highlander! They also ship just about anywhere.

This week is bittersweet. December 27th was my cousin Lee's birthday. She's been gone 13 months, but the pain is fresh. My dad left us on February 2nd, and Uncle Paul passed, too. 

My Dad, Robert F. Beegle
We can remember the good times with them, but the rest of us must soldier on, right? We can wave to a neighbor, drive a little slower, feed the birds, spend extra time on the treadmill, donate to the food bank, watch our pennies so we can get those home improvements done, and so much more. Enjoy the time you have.

May I suggest reading a book?

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