Friday, July 26, 2019

Whirling through Wilson NC with Nancy Lee Badger

Hubby posing in the Whirligig Park
One bright, hot, July day, I dragged hubby to the car and yelled 'Road Trip'! I have been trying for months to find a day to play hookey and draw myself out of the business of writing to enjoy a drive to visit... Whirligigs.

Our local art museum, where my latest paranormal book series is based, has a hand-built wind-powered colorful sculpture made by artist, Vollis Simpson, who is from the town of Wilson, North Carolina. It is about an hour's drive east of Raleigh. 

While waiting at RDU airport one day, I picked up a brochure about Wilson and brought it home. The photos and descriptions of the town and restaurants intrigued me, but the photo of an actual park dedicated to the artist and filled with his work made me want to see it.

Photo by Nancy Lee Badger

Only after we arrived did we find out that they hold a farmer's market every Wednesday and Saturday along one side of the park under an open-sided pavillion. This was great! Here we were on a very hot Wednesday to check out art, had a place to keep pit of the sun, and we went home with fresh veggies!

Wilson Farmer's Market
The sun beat down brutally so I knew we couldn't stay too long. I took photos and we climbed on the covered stage overlooking a grassy field for a little more shade. Seems the park also hosts music nights and people sit on the grass or bring chairs. I heard there was a museum dedicated to Vollis Simpson in the works, so we have another reason to return to visit the Whirligig Park in Wilson, NC. 

In the meantime, I await the edits from my publisher concerning the 3rd book in my Warriors in Bronze series. It is also set at the fictional Raleigh Museum of Art (based on the NC Museum of Art) to follow Heaven-sent Warrior and Heaven-sent Highlander. Try them!

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  1. Your writing career seems to take you many places of interest. I'm looking forward to the next book in your Warrior in Bronze series. I know I won't be disappointed.