Friday, June 28, 2019

Summer Time Investments...and Books!

I trimmed the hedges while hubby weedwacked the rocks and tiny grassy areas. It is a humid morning, with temperatures headed to the nineties, but taking care of our property is an investment.

Editing my current book, the 3rd in my Warriors in Bronze series set in North Carolina, before sending it along to my publisher is also an investment. I strive to make it a complete and interesting story, and do my best (with my bad eyes) to make sure there are few grammatical erros...I mean errors. This, in turn, saves my editor's time and I will not need to revise it too much. My 2nd book in the series, Heaven-sent Highlander is selling well.

What are you doing on the last weekend of June to turn your life and the summer (winter, to my Australian readers) into an investment? Have you tried Book #1, Heaven-sent Warrior? 

As a reward for getting my work done, I read a book. My recently finished favorites are Red Shoes by Donna Steele, Relatively Normal by Whitney Dineen, and Misty Woods Dragons boxed set by Juniper Hart.

Happy reading! 
Nancy Lee Badger 

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