Friday, January 4, 2019

A New Year....

A New Year and a New Beginning...

I updated the look of my blog, using a road scene. 2018 had many long trips that took a toll on me. I do love hotels, but I miss little things: home-cooked meals, a closet full of clothes, and my cat.

It is rainy and dreary outside and I can only hope the weather improves. December gave us our first winter snowstorm (8 inches that stopped everything for two days). I keep telling myself that the days are getting longer, ergo the sun shall shine again!

One way to pass the time each evening is to read. I love to read and use it as my reward for getting my work done earlier in the day. (today I am working on tax forms, to get that out of the way).

If you need an idea for a book to cozy up with, try these...

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