Friday, December 14, 2018

Nancy Lee Badger Presents Author Tamara Hughes

I invited Tamara Hughes, a fellow Soul Mate Publishing author, to stop by and share her new book with my readers. Take it away, Tamara!

Released just a few months ago, Bewitching The Beast is a paranormal romance about a man possessed by a dragon spirit that is taking over his body and mind. Time is running out when he meets an untrained witch who has power over the beast within him. Unfortunately, she has no idea she comes from a line of witches and has no experience with spirits and possessions. The two of them band together in the hope she can find a way to free him before it’s too late, and of course, they find love in the process.

Book Blurb: 
Ethan Lockwood hates what he’s become—a slave to a parasitic monster whose victim’s names pepper the obituaries. He’s possessed by The Beast, a dragon who feeds off human spiritual energy. After a year of fighting The Beast’s demands, Ethan is losing the battle. The creature is taking over his mind, body, and soul. When he spies Tess, he can relate to her weary look and the sadness in her eyes, but her aura shines like a beacon, attracting The Beast. Ethan is forced to drain her energy, but for a split second, she subdues the creature inside him, compelling the spirit to slumber. How? Can she somehow free him from The Beast? Ethan chases after her. He can’t afford to let Tess die.

Since her fiancé’s death, Tess Edwards struggles to find new meaning in life. She doesn’t expect that new meaning to involve a sexy photographer who says he’s possessed by an energy-stealing beast. He claims she’s in danger and that he’s the only one who can save her. Great. He’s a nut job—cute, but delusional. She doesn’t believe in dragon spirits and magic, not until she finds her grandmother’s Book of Shadows. She’s descended from witches, and the book warns her of her fate. Although the beast inside Ethan needs her alive, he isn’t the only one of his kind. There’s another, and he wants Tess dead.

Excerpt from Bewitching The Beast
Tess knew guilt. As a former Catholic schoolgirl, sometimes she felt like she had a sign on her back that read “Guilt trips work here.” What else would explain why she’d let Holly talk her into coming here tonight? When Holly had found out her boyfriend, Wade, had invited his bro Jay out for New Year’s Eve, she’d begged, “Tess, I’m going to end up being the third wheel. Please come out with us. Save me.”

Blind dates sucked, and this one wasn’t going to be any different.

Flashing strobe lights distorted the movements on the dance floor, while a pulsing beat rattled the glasses on the tall table in front of Tess and reverberated through her chest.

The Mood on New Year’s Eve. Big whoop.

She downed the last of her champagne and set the flute on the table, then turned from the dance floor to the seating behind her. Couches and plush chairs were grouped together toward the back of the club, each seating arrangement dimly lit by hanging cone-shaped lamps. A group of five women sat huddled together, deep in conversation. They whispered and chatted before twisting in their chairs to ogle someone seated along the opposite wall. Tess followed their stares to an ungodly handsome man—gorgeous in a model-meets-biker sort of way. His wavy, dark hair brushed the tops of his shoulders, framing his angular jaw and piercing eyes. A black leather jacket hugged his broad shoulders, while snug jeans emphasized his lean build.

His gaze edged her way, and their eyes met and held.

Her heart jumped, then skipped in a circle. Without thinking, she smoothed her dress. Everything seemed to be in order—no toilet paper hanging, all the important parts covered. His look captivated, mesmerized. Her skin tingled as if he’d touched her, like the brush of his fingertip along her thigh. An intoxicating thrill raced through her body, something that hadn’t happened in a very long time.

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More About the Author
Tamara Hughes writes out of the ordinary historical romances (American set or pirate) and paranormal romances with unique supernatural situations. Her books are fast-paced and action-packed with lots of humor and romance. To learn more, connect with her here:


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