Friday, February 10, 2017

And the Winner is...

Robbie B. has won my Scottish Dragon Pendant in my Valentine's Day Giveaway, celebrating the upcoming release of my next book, that will be released on March 13th.

The Story
Fiona, a white doe, searches for her missing friend across Skye. Shifting, she swims in a fairy pool, until a dragon and two humans arrive. Their conversation about a festival makes her wonder if her friend might also visit the village.

Dougal, tasked with the safety of his kin while they celebrate Beltane, shifts into a human form. He would rather fly high, or race through the forest as a red stag. Spying the white doe he has sought for months, he follows her, but pirates, a villain, and drunken celebrators keep him from his task. Will he ever find her, and make her his?

A dragon-shifter in pain wants nothing more than to fly, and he sure as hell kneels to no one.

Smolder is available for Pre-order:   Amazon

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