Friday, September 16, 2016

Visit a Scottish Highland Games soon!

Turning the CABER/Telephone Pole
Modern Day highland games have a short history here in the United States and I have been fortunate enough to attend several over the last thirty-five or so years. I am also proud to be a long-time volunteer at the annual New Hampshire Highland Games, even though my husband and I moved to North Carolina. We still go back each fall to help. It takes hundreds of volunteers to pull off a multi-day event attended by over 40,000 people!

The wearing of kilts, kilt hose, sporrans, billowing ‘ghillie’ or 'Jacobite' shirts, tams, and more (or less, if most men have their way) have become tradition. With a wool kilt made to order and costing upwards of six-hundred dollars, they are worn with pride and ceremony. Luckily for many, kilts made in fabrics other than wool cost less than $200.

Many U.S. states, and Canadian provinces, host highland games and all are family-friendly with programs for children. Scottish dress is never required, nor do you have to be of Scottish descent. Try to attend one to get the flavor and romantic vibes that emanate from every clan tent, dance performance, and rock concert.
If you can, spend a weekend visiting a Scottish games or festival. You will have a great time!

"A dragon by any other name would still breathe sparks." 

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